528: Back in the Saddle

It's been a while since KMO put out a free podcast. At long last, here's a conversation with Dermot O'Connor, the Angry Animator, fresh back from an extended stay in Ireland. Now that Dermot is back in the USA, what did his time away prime him to notice with newfound clarity? Later, KMO and Dermot talk about how AI is eating jobs in animation. Dermot says it will put him out of a job. KMO suggests that it will push him more in the direction of authoring animated projects rather than animating them.

527: Thinking Like a Writer

KMO welcomes author Elayne Clift to the C-Realm to talk about finding one's voice as a writer and using it to change the world for the better. Elayne has worked in many countries around the world in international public health education and communication with a focus on maternal and child health, which led her to Virginia Woolf’s conclusion:  “As a woman, I have no country. As a woman, I want no country. As a woman, my country is the whole world.” She now lives in rural Vermont where she writes full time and mentors developing writers.

526: Bash Bash Conversation

Will the advent of artificial superintelligence (ASI) spell the end of capitalism? Doug Lain explores that question in his new novel, Bash Bash Revolution in which an AI named Bucky creates proliferating copies of itself to work questions of personal identity and free will. Eventually, the Buckys ensnare almost all of humanity in the GameCube Economy which makes people think they are having exciting adventures when in fact they're doing boring, repetitive labor. One of the challenges that Bucky faces is getting non-gamers to put on VR headsets. Nuclear Armageddon is on the line, but fortunately, the AI understands the appeal of 90s nostalgia.

525: Challenging Corruption

KMO talks with Dr. Dan Freilich, a Navy veteran and VA doctor who hopes to defeat Vermont's incumbent Representative, Peter Welch, in the upcoming primary election. For Dr. Dan, every problem and every issue that progressives care about comes back to campaign finance reform. He has vowed not to accept campaign contributions from corporations or from special interests of any kind. He says he'll drop out of the race if Representative Welch will make the same pledge. The conversation ranges over many topics, including the F-35 fighter, the opiate addiction crisis, the role of lobbyists and the unworkability of throwing up one's hands and declaring the entire system to be hopelessly corrupt.

524: Big Data Little Privacy

KMO talks with B. J. Mendelson, the author of Social Media is Bullshit and Privacy: And How to Get It Back. Is privacy a lost cause? Is there any way to swim against the current of big tech companies collecting, collating and profiting off of the enormous amount of personal data that we generate with the use of our handy electronic gizmos? Is there any point in even trying? If corporations do things that are creepy-yet-legal, do we have a leg to stand on? What role does artificial intelligence play in the future of privacy? Should Facebook pay us for the use of our data? If so, how much could we reasonably expect to get for it? Could this serve as an alternative to UBI? All this plus jokes in this week's C-Realm Podcast.