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CRV 409

The conversation with Rob T about diet, exercise, health and culture concludes in this episode, and then KMO and Jim, your ad attacker, demolish National Public Radio, but with all that Joan Crock, Google and Amazon money, they don't really need listeners anymore, so no skin off their noses.

575: Microphones and Psyche

KMO welcomes astrologer, crypto-enthusiast and fellow OG podcaster, Adam Sommer. to the C-Realm podcast to talk about all of those things. Other topics include Terence McKenna, looking forward to and back upon 12 December 2012, Quetzalcoatl, the corruption of NPR, the degradation and dysfunction of the political left, media bias, and the book Cosmos And Psyche: Intimations of New World View by Richard Tarnas.

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