C-Realm Radio 051

Community Radio Rules!

KMO was interviewed back in September for an Australian radio show called Greening the Apocalypse. In that conversation, Adam and Sarah asked KMO about the evolution of his worldview. It's a question KMO has answered many times before, and he makes an effort to include details and perspectives that will make this conversation fresh for listeners who have heard that story before. The conversation navigates that passage between techno-utopianism and collapse fetishism.

498: Everything’s a Racket

Detail from The 4th of July by James Howard Kunstler

Detail from The 4th of July by James Howard Kunstler

As the weekly C-Realm Podcast production schedule winds down, KMO invites long-time, repeat guest, James Howard Kunstler back to the program to talk about what has allowed the world economy to levitate in defiance of the laws of economic physics for the last 8 years. KMO asks about the prospect of continued job loss to automation, and JHK says that there's no need to worry about robots stealing your job. Rather, he says, it's time to take an interest in working with mules. They also touch on the US presidential election.