Farming is harder than foraging.

Farming is harder than foraging.

KMO talks with Chad Hill of the HipcrimeVocab blog about the origins of inequality. Chad thinks it all started with debt. Chad explains how the meaning of the term "Luddite" has changed since it was coined. KMO goes on a long rant about human brains don't seem to be up to the challenge of Facebook, and KMO and Chad exchange notes on the task of trying to write a book.


crv223_coverThe conversation with Ben McCleish from C-Realm Radio 024 concludes here. Ben provides his perspective as a representative of the techno-optimistic Zeitgeist Movement on Ted Kaczynski's arguments for an anti-tech revolution. Later, KMO and Silas riff on the main points from the conversation with Ben.

The conversation ends with a discussion of geoengineering. A listener wrote in to offer up a counter-perspective offered up by Dr. Klaus Lackner on Radio Ecoshock.