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KMO talks with Scott Mauer about fasting, living in a makeshift intentional community, switching user interfaces, making a living in a rapidly changing landscape, comics, role-playing games, van living and yurt living,  Fun times.

The cover art is a group effort from the ATX Draws event that Scott describes in this episode.

CRV 326

KMO shares listener feedback that he received in response to C-Realm Podcast episode #539: Extend the Pretend with guest, James Howard Kunstler.

534: Roots of Division

Keith Preston of Attack The System

KMO welcomes Keith Preston of Attack the System back to C-Realm Radio to talk about the current political and social division in the United States. Keith first offers a technological explanation for the intensity of the social animosity on display in public discourse. He then delves into the history of left and right political movements in the US to describe in more detail how we came to our particular historical moment.


KMO and Rob talk about the book Automating Inequality: How High-Tech Tools Profile, Police, and Punish the Poor by Virginia Eubanks. As algorithms take over the management of the poor and automate decisions formerly made by humans exercising their experience, training and judgment, the abdication of authority from humans to machines advances by leaps, bounds and relentless baby steps.


In the second half of the conversation with Leo He Jhao, Leo describes his conception of "the Revolution." He sees it involving minimal bloodshed and leaving the global capitalist supply chains and manufacturing apparatus and agricultural capacity functioning free of the sort of interruption that would result in mass starvation and conflict over resources. KMO remains skeptical, arguing that any revolution that freed everyone from unjust coercion would disrupt the production of distribution of food and other goods, and any change that left the system functioning as it did before would more of a change in management than a revolution.