559: A Cute Hoor

Bernie, if you're going to play, play to win.

KMO welcomes the Angry Animator, Dermot O'Connor, and Bob Brown, technologist and permaculturalist back to the C-Realm to follow up on KMO's recent conversation with Justin Ritchie about the documentary film, Planet of the Humans. Both Bob and Dermot agree that criticisms of the film have focused on trivial details and ignored the point that windmills and solar panels cannot power industrial civilization at our current level of consumption.

CRV 366

The conversation from C-Realm Podcast 558 concludes here. The topic is still about China and COVID-19, but there's a lot of talk of Canada and the USA as well.

558: Sino-Sustainability

KMO talks with Eric Boyd about China's performance during the the Covid-19 crisis as well as the long-term prospects for a CCP-controlled China in the near and intermediate-term future. Grist for the conversation mill came from Peter Zeihan's series of newsletter series, A Failure of Global Leadership.

CRV 365

The conversation with Justin Ritchie from C-Realm Podcast 557 concludes in this episode of the C-Realm Vault. The first part of the conversation was pretty tightly focused on a discussion of the movie Planet of the Humans. Here in the Vault, the scope is significantly expanded. KMO gets animated.