Very Edible Gardens

In a follow-up conversation to C-Realm Radio episode 51, KMO talks with Adam Grubb, an Australian permaculturalist and radio host. Adam created the very first website devoted to peak oil, and he has lived with a peak oil mindset for several years longer than KMO has. They discuss peak oil's short-comings as both a cult and a predictive model. There is much personal history involved in this discussion, but hopefully not too much information for listeners' tastes.

C-Realm Radio 051

Community Radio Rules!

KMO was interviewed back in September for an Australian radio show called Greening the Apocalypse. In that conversation, Adam and Sarah asked KMO about the evolution of his worldview. It's a question KMO has answered many times before, and he makes an effort to include details and perspectives that will make this conversation fresh for listeners who have heard that story before. The conversation navigates that passage between techno-utopianism and collapse fetishism.


People are in a lot of pain, and most of them don't go on shooting sprees.

KMO reads and responds to feedback from listeners and shares some of the conversation from his recent conversation with Prof. Richard D. Wolff that did not fit in C-Realm Radio 050.

C-Realm Radio 050

Prof. Richard D. Wolff

KMO welcomes Professor Richard D. Wolff, the host of Economic Update to C-Realm Radio to discuss the state of the US economy and the possibility of a transition to a post-capitalist social arrangement. Professor Wolff leaves predicting the future to carnival fortune tellers, but while we can't know exactly when and how our social system will change, we can see why the current modus is untenable and perhaps glean some insight as to how to adapt ourselves and our social relations in advance of the change.

C-Realm Radio 049

Elon Musk has grand (yet very specific) ambitions to turn humanity into a mult-planet species sooner rather than later. KMO and Jamie, a long-time Friend of the C-Realm talk about whether Musk's plans are at all realistic before moving on to dreaming about ways to take the best of computer gaming and the open source software movement and leverage them into new techniques for achieving genuine democracy.