CRV 339

Delaware is little more than a toll both for a lot of people.

The conversation with David Blacker about his book, What's Left of the World, started in C-Realm Podcast #546, Identity and Displacement, concludes here. Thereafter, KMO and Rob talk about Andrew Yang's book, The War On Normal People.

546: Identity and Displacement

David Blacker returns to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about the themes in his new book, What's Left of the World: Education, Identity and the Post-Work Political Imagination. KMO has been reading Andrew Yang's book, and David has also read it and followed Yang's candidacy, so the discussion circles the topic of Universal Basic Income for a good portion of the conversation.

545: Follow Your BLSS

KMO talks with John Adams, Deputy Director of Biosphere2, a project that started out as a bold attempt to create a closed ecological system that with no inputs of food, water, or oxygen, could sustain 8 humans for 2 years. That didn't go as planned, but since then, Biosphere2 has flourished as a unique Earth systems test laboratory. John Adams describes what's going on at Biosphere2 in the present in this episode of the C-Realm Podcast.

CRV 337

KMO and Eric Boyd reconvened to talk about so-called "New Space." Some of the conversation focuses on the here and now as well as the near and long-term future. The conversation starts with a brief discussion of the Trump administration's concerns about the security of a 5G network that depends on Huawei routers.