A new Real Doll waits for its face to be finished before being shipped off to a customer.

KMO returns to the topic of sex robots and then looks at falling rates of serum testosterone in men, the fact that Millennials are having less sex than Generation X and the Baby Boomers did at the same age, and the misperception that Millennials are the cyber-enhanced "hook-up generation." They have the technology but not the gumption, or so it seems. In the second half of the episode, KMO responds to the guest on Zero Squared Podcast #119.


Want a million hits for your Van Life video? Try adding some shapely ass.

What do equipping a van to serve as a stealth camper and sex robots have in common? Probably not much aside from the fact that KMO and Scott Mauer devote an hour of conversation to these two topics. Scott is equipping his van for life on the road. He currently lives in a yurt. The sex robot portion of the conversation was inspired by an article in the Guardian about the competition between revival manufacturers to develop the first, fully functional sex robot. What are the social, psychological, and ethical implications of owning a perfectly willing sex slave? Scott offers a rundown of adult attachment theory to open up new space for consideration, and they also explore the controversy around the possibility that pedophiles could harmlessly indulge the sexual fixation with a robot.


CRV 254

The Big Red Button of Doom

KMO welcomes Jim, of the Attack Ads! podcast to the C-Realm Vault to discuss the shortcomings in the Peak Oil Doom-o-sphere's understanding of the evolution of the technology underlying electric vehicles and the systematic, deliberate, and well-funded disinformation campaign that has poisoned the well of public opinion about electric vehicles.  After a discussion of the nature of kluges in technology, biology and language, they get down to the gritty economic and social consequences of automating away most driving jobs.


CRV 253

It drags, it flies, it vanishes.

KMO just drove through 14 states, which gave him a lot of time to listen to podcasts and noodle on their contents. This episode represents a distillation of that extensive noodling. He compares the election of Trump to the 1854 Carrington event and describes the 4 different modes of relating to time.


KMO's 2017 summer odyssey begins in this episode. First stop is the home of author, blogger and podcaster, James Howard Kunstler. JHK took KMO on a garden tour, and then they got down to the serious business of making up fanciful stories with the aid of a set of Story Cubes. The next day, KMO drove to Lancaster, PA to the home of Kevin Lynn of the Center for Progressive Urban Politics. We'll hear more from Kevin in an upcoming episode. The rest of this episode consists of a meditation on the costs of social media inspired by an episode of Hidden Brain.


Duncan Crary, former co-host of the Kunstlercast, was scheduled to appear on C-Realm Radio #45 to talk about James Howard Kunstler's response to the Shit-Town Podcast. JHK had had email and phone communications with John B. McLamore. But a family emergency kept Duncan from calling into the live radio show, but he and KMO did get together on Skype later that day. That conversation can be heard in this episode of the Vault. KMO and Duncan talk about the problem of "doomerism," and the degree to which purveyors of "doomer porn" can be held responsible for the choices of the people who are attracted to that sort of message.

C-Realm Radio 045

KMO is leaving Bellows Falls for the summer, so this will be the last episode of C-Realm Radio for a good long while. In the first hour, we hear from Duncan Crary and James Howard Kunstler about Jim's correspondence with John B. McLemore, a cranky character from Alabama made famous by the S-Town podcast. Duncan was supposed to call in to discuss the pre-recorded material, but life intervened and KMO ended up riffing for the second half of the first hour about his own dances with doomerism.

In the second hour, KMO's long-time partner in podcasting over at the Z-Realm, Marty, joins the conversation to talk about life, the universe and Wonder Woman. Marty was called in for the first episode of C-Realm Radio, so it is only appropriate that he should be around for the last episode.