C-Realm Radio 044

Timothy Kercheville

Timothy Kercheville describes himself as a landless farmer, and he is demonstrating how a world of opportunities exists for people who are long on passion but short on land and capital. Timothy's is using his passion for regenerative agriculture to transform his local community in Kentucky. He has turned the sprawling lawn of the local jail into a working farm and transformed prisoners into gardeners in the process, and at every turn, he is using farming as a high-leverage point for preparing his community for the transition to a post-petroleum world.

In the second hour, we re-visit C-Realm Podcast episode 485: Hands Off My Settings! Dr. James Hughes and Charlotte Walsh share their insights on the topic of cognitive liberty.


The conversation about IQ and life outcomes just won't die, largely because of the push-back that KMO receives every time he tries to advance the discussion. In this episode, KMO spends some time defining intelligence while also admitting that it is a slippery, context-dependent idea that is liable to evolve over time. Thereafter, KMO and Douglas Lain respond to listener feedback on their previous conversation on this topic. That conversation involves the examination of possible alternate histories and touches on the question of whether it is better to reach a large audience who mostly don't get what you're talking about or reaching a small but sophisticated audience who grok what you have to say and offer you the incentive to go deeper.


If Vermont legalizes marijuana, poor Ceasar will be out of a job. Boo fucking hoo.

The village of Bellows Falls held its annual meeting on Monday night. Taxes keep going up, more people are moving out than moving in, and chief of police brags that the little village of Bellows Falls sends more narcotics to the state testing facility than any other municipality. He's committed to winning the War on Drugs with police work alone, and he always needs MORE MONEY. Some of the people who attended the meeting are tired of pouring their tax dollars into the bottomless Drug War pit. The police chief even encouraged the citizens to call Vermont's governor to encourage him to veto the recently passed marijuana legalization bill. Why, because if marijuana becomes legal in the state then his department's K-9 unit will be out of a job. The eighty thousand Vermonters who smoke weed must remain criminals so that our drug sniffing job doesn't lose his high-profile function.

C-Realm Radio 043

Hour 1: Both the Vermont House and Senate moved heaven and earth to get a marijuana legalization bill in front of Governor Phil Scott (R). He hasn't said he'd veto the bill, but the tired marijuana cliches he's been regurgitating don't inspire much confidence. KMO and Silas talk to Matt Simon of the Marijuana Policy Project to put the situation in historical and national context.

Silas just returned from a school trip to Cuba. In the final moments of the first hour, he recounts some of his adventures on the island nation.

Hour 2: KMO spoke with David Holmgren in 2014 about his essay, Crash On Demand: Welcome to the Brown Tech Future for C-Realm Podcast 401: Psycho-Social Debt Jubilee. This best-of conversation finds a new home and a new audience here.



Don't like what someone has to say? They must be a Nazi.

The conversation, heated at times, between KMO and Douglas Lain about Charles Murray's explanation for the decline of the American working class concludes here in the Vault. The post-war boom is not the natural state of man, Doug argues, nor is the market a benign, disinterested force of nature. Doug argues that Murray's worldview excuses philosophical and policy choices that have resulted in despair and desperation for those not in the cognitive elite.

514: Honest Criticism

"Charles Murray, go away! Racist! Sexist! Anti-gay!"

Sam Harris interviewed Charles Murray for his podcast. KMO tried to generate some discussion of that podcast episode on the Friends of the C-Realm group. The resulting discussion proved frustrating, as the most dedicated participants were focused on discrediting Murray and showed little willingness to engage with the issues that Harris and Murray discussed. Author and publisher Douglas Lain admits that Murray's talking points make him angry, but Doug is willing to resist the impulse to lead with ad hominem and actually delve into Murray's arguments. His effort at honest criticism is most appreciated.

In this episode of the C-Realm Podcast, KMO tries to highlight what he finds useful in Murray's presentation and Doug articulates why Murray's arguments are built on shaky foundations. The conversation concludes in C-Realm Vault podcast #246.

C-Realm Radio 042

James Felton Keith

In the first hour, KMO welcomes engineer and entrepreneur James Felton Keith to the program to talk about data; how it is generated, how it is stored, and who benefits from its collection. James sees the faltering ability of employment to deliver value to people as a distribution problem. That may sound like political talk, but James says that his habit as an engineer is to view every problem as a problem of distribution.

In the second hour, we revisit the conversation from C-Ream Podcast episode 511 with Patricia Paul and Anu Kirk talking about the societal pressure to reframe technological unemployment in terms of personal failure on the part of workers who could have done SOMETHING to remain nimble and employable in the face of rapid technological change.