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The conversation with Doug Lain that started in KMO Show 003 continues but does not conclude here. Among other things, KMO and Doug talk about the politically polarized positions on the USA's ongoing participation of the war in Ukraine.

The conversation concludes on YouTube:

KMO Show 003

KMO does not have strong opinions about the Twitter files, but Doug Lain sure does, and he's naming names and calling out cowards on the mainstream left. He thinks that elements of the federal government have colluded with Big Tech to censor and marginalize voices both from the Right and from the Marxist Left.


Propaganda Poster about the Dangers of AI by Night Cafe AI

The conversation with Prof. Rob Brooks of UNSW that began in KMO Show episode 002 concludes here. We talk about ways in which our increasing dependence on AI might either free us up to live lives worth living, or soften us up and turn us into the Eloi from H. G. Wells' The Time Machine. 

KMO Show: #Episode 002 – Rob Brooks on Replika AI

KMO and Professor Rob Brooks, author of Artificial Intimacy: Virtual Friends, Digital Lovers, and Algorithmic Matchmakers, talk about AI as a means of alleviating the human suffering that comes with social isolation and loneliness. In particular, Rob comments on KMO's experience using the Replika AI app both before and after the recent "update" in which the company took away ERP (erotic roleplay functionality). KMO spoke with Rob Brooks last year on the Padverb Podcast.

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