This podcast represents the long version of the content covered in a YouTube Video about the Juggalos' March on Washington and related issues. How can the FBI declare that every member of the community of Insane Clown Posse fans is affiliated with a criminal gang? It seems outrageous, but it seems to get very little traction in the corporate media. Later, in responding to listener feedback, the content jumps back in time to consider the possibility of a dramatic population bottleneck in the future and the question of whether it is reasonable to place hope in the emergence of new, non-polluting energy technologies to replace fossil fuels. KMO grapples with the question, "How should we decide what to do?" The question easily catches him in an armbar, and KMO taps out.

C-Realm Radio 047

Keith Preston of Attack The System

KMO welcomes Keith Preston back to the program to discuss the difference between absolute and relative poverty. There are a lot of people who make less than the national average, but most of the so-called poverty in the US is relative poverty. Even so, social stratification and wide disparities between rich and poor, even when the poor are not facing starvation, erodes the sense of shared national identity and makes democratic government difficult to maintain.


In this solo romp, KMO geeks out on pop media; specifically The Orville and Rick & Morty, but of course he does it in a way that pits the Doomer and Techno-utopian worldviews against one another. Both groups have people exercising intellectual honesty, and both groups host hucksters and those who insulate themselves from data which contradicts their favored conclusions. KMO describes a chart he has in mind to illustrate what he's talking about.

C-Realm Radio 046

If you don't subscribe to the C-Realm Vault Podcast, it probably seems like KMO hasn't been putting out any new material for the past couple of months. Well, the C-Realm Big Room is now open with a new episode of C-Realm Radio. This episode has very little to do with the new film adaptation of Stephen King's It and everything to do with climate change, artificial intelligence, co-adapted meme complexes, Facebook, Donald Trump, political and social dysfunction, or, in a word, "consciousness." The guest is Douglas Lain, the publisher of Zero Books. He's also an author, a YouTube creator, and a podcaster.


Social media brought the Dark Mountain Manifesto to KMO's attention recently. Techno-enthusiasts who seemed like they would have no interest in the themes articulated by the members of the Dark Mountain collective were discussing it, though few of them seemed to have read it. KMO re-read the document for the first time in years and shares his summation and thoughts on it. The topic then shifts to Antifa. KMO is not a fan, but he's also not a hater. Turns out, there is a middle way, and anyone who tells you that you have to pick a side and give it your uncomplicated support is trying to subvert your rational capacities.


Kevin Lynn

According to the liberal Facebook zeitgeist, the only reason anyone could possibly have for wanting to curtail immigration to the united states is racism. Obviously, this view quashes a lot of inconvenient nuances. Kevin Lynn, founder of the Center for Progressive Urban Politics, wants to make room for nuance in thinking the effects of legal immigration and the policies that should flow from an understanding of those effects. Could anyone who wants to put limits on how many people the US lets in the front door really be considered a progressive? What does "progressive" even mean? KMO and Kevin Lynn address all of these topics in this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast.


Since the events in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017 KMO's Facebook feed has been filled with self-righteous pronouncements of support for the actions of the Antifa protesters. What's more, multiple people have asserted, George W. Bush style, that anyone who doesn't support Antifa's methods is a fascist. KMO reads a long post from Keith Preston trying to make sense of the clash on the streets of Charlottesville along with a few of his own observations. Later he describes his recent travels and his experience of the 2017 solar eclipse.