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CRV 370

The conversation with First of Incelmatics concludes in this episode. Topics include the apex fallacy, how Generation X are the Boomers of the dating scene, the business behind the dating app technology, and how blackpilled incels pine for the collapse of industrial civilization.


In this solo romp, KMO geeks out on pop media; specifically The Orville and Rick & Morty, but of course he does it in a way that pits the Doomer and Techno-utopian worldviews against one another. Both groups have people exercising intellectual honesty, and both groups host hucksters and those who insulate themselves from data which contradicts their favored conclusions. KMO describes a chart he has in mind to illustrate what he's talking about.


Duncan Crary, former co-host of the Kunstlercast, was scheduled to appear on C-Realm Radio #45 to talk about James Howard Kunstler's response to the Shit-Town Podcast. JHK had had email and phone communications with John B. McLamore. But a family emergency kept Duncan from calling into the live radio show, but he and KMO did get together on Skype later that day. That conversation can be heard in this episode of the Vault. KMO and Duncan talk about the problem of "doomerism," and the degree to which purveyors of "doomer porn" can be held responsible for the choices of the people who are attracted to that sort of message.

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