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NightCafe AI seed phrase: Angels in Holochain Heaven (with additional modification)

KMO talks with LifeSmyth/Systems Tinker of the Doomer Optimism podcast about his journey from techno-utopianism through the valley of Doomerism and into a new phase of mental life that prioritizes physical presence and activity over worldview cultivation. Later the conversation turns to currency design and the ways in which Holochain differs from other crypto projects.

578 – Closet Doomer

KMO talks with Peter, the author of the Toxic Plants blog, about how and when he came to take peak oil and the prospect for economic collapse seriously and the preparations he has taken to ensure that his family is better positioned to weather the breakdown of the economy and global supply lines than most people.

577: The Thing in the Window

Gwan Yin at the Nelson

KMO talks with James, a long-time listener to and supporter of the C-Realm Podcast about Doomerism, what makes it so attractive, and what got him out of it. Recorded in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

CRV 370

The conversation with First of Incelmatics concludes in this episode. Topics include the apex fallacy, how Generation X are the Boomers of the dating scene, the business behind the dating app technology, and how blackpilled incels pine for the collapse of industrial civilization.

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