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Here's a conversation I had with Kevin Wohlmut several weeks ago. It was supposed to be about AI, but discussion of Elon Musk sent us on a political tangent from which we never returned.

583: Psyop Defense

Psionic hero defending against a mind flayer attack - NightCafe AI

KMO welcomes psychotherapist Zac Rhodenizer to the podcast to talk about the ways in which wild-grown and deliberately engineered mind viruses hijack human cognitive capacities for nefarious purposes and ways to recognize and defend against such attacks.

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Zac's book, "Psychological Defence: Protection from psyops, culture wars, and social contagion" is being pre-released on


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CRV 414

Dr. Eric Osgood on the Rebel Wisdom Podcast

I take very little interest in the cultural debate over the risks posed by COVID-19 vs those posed by MRNA vaccines. What is of far more interest to me is the fact that millions of people with no training or particular expertise in these matters have wedded their political and cultural identities to their tribal narratives on this topic.

As I said to Bob Brown, the guest in this episode, if I see someone under 30 wearing a mask at the grocery store, I know their politics at a glance. That shouldn't be the case. People would be better served playing video games or obsessing over professional sports than by absorbing and regurgitating their political tribe's catechism on virology and immunology.

As a society, we walk a tightrope between falling left into technocratic authoritarianism or right into anti-intellectualism. Neither mode is adequate to the challenges confronting our civilization. The Rebel Wisdom conversation between David Fuller and Dr. Eric Osgood referenced in this episode can be found here:

CRV 413

tGeneric Cover Art. Can you place it?

A 2-HOUR PODCAST! On the first day of the month. Could be an auspicious sign.

The conversation with James Poulos of the American Mind concludes here.

For most of the 2 hours, KMO and Dermot O'Connor shoot the shit. Enjoy!

576: Cyborg Vivarium

KMO talks with James Poulos, the Executive Editor of The American Mind, the Claremont Institute's online publication devoted to driving the conversation about the ideas and principles that drive American political life. His new book, HUMAN, FOREVER: The Digital Politics of Spiritual War, James proposes a means of thwarting the assault on the human soul posed by digital technology. His recent essay in The Claremont Review of Books provides the skeleton for this podcast conversation while also detailing the flawed efforts of seven authors to see the problem posed by digital technology clearly and to propose an effective strategy for remaining human, forever.

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