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CRV 408

KMO talks with long-time Friend of the C-Realm, Rob T. He's been listening since the very early days, and the conversation covers psychedelics, singularitarianism, rural living, health, weight-loss, alternative medical perspectives and doomerism. At the end, there is some outtake material with Adam Sommer, who was the guest in the most recent episode of the main C-Realm Podcast.

575: Microphones and Psyche

KMO welcomes astrologer, crypto-enthusiast and fellow OG podcaster, Adam Sommer. to the C-Realm podcast to talk about all of those things. Other topics include Terence McKenna, looking forward to and back upon 12 December 2012, Quetzalcoatl, the corruption of NPR, the degradation and dysfunction of the political left, media bias, and the book Cosmos And Psyche: Intimations of New World View by Richard Tarnas.

CRV 407

Remember when John Rambo went to Afghanistan?

KMO talks with J. G. Michael, host of the Parallax Views Podcast, about the media malfeasance around the US retreat from Afghanistan. 

CRV 406

KMO makes reference to this chart in the episode

According to the mainstream media, Joe Biden screwed the pooch in his attempt to end the US military occupation of Afghanistan. KMO, always the contrarian, tries to muster up some good feels for ole' President Joe. Later he steals insights from Peter Turchin.

574: Restraining the Blob

KMO welcomes podcaster and long-time friend of the C-Realm, J. G. Michael, to the C-Realm Podcast. J. G. is the host of the Parallax Views Podcast. His recent focus has been on geopolitics, and that's where this conversation focuses, with particular emphasis on "the national security blob," a phrase coined by Ben Rhodes, a top aide to Barack Obama.

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