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17. You Are What You Eat

18. Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, Only Without the Drugs

and Rock and Roll

19. Debt by a Thousand Cuts

20. Courthouse Jesters

21. Waste Not... Why Do you Hate America?

About the Author

Chad Hill sent me a long email which he later published on his blog. I read and responded to Chad's email on the C-Realm Podcast. Chad followed up on his blog and then ended with the announcement that he's giving up the blog. This podcast contains my response to Chads' response to my response to... dizzy... And then there's something about the first Trump / Biden debate.

KMO reads chapters 9 - 16 of Donald J. Putin on American Exceptionalism: It's Not You, It's Just America Being America, by Donald J. Putin.

9. The Unfair Sex

10. Nervous Nellies 

11. Guns Blazing 

12. Jailhouse Rock

13. Life, if You Can Call it That in the ‘Burbs

14. Poverty of Spirit

15. Faith-Based Initiatives

16. Social Immobility

KMO talks with Jim, the host of the Attack Ads! podcast.  Topics include drug addiction, class consciousness, class reductionism, and class war. Did we mention class?
KMO reads and responds to a long email from Chad Hill, the author of the Hipcrime Vocab blog. Topics include the ongoing collapse of the United States of America, incels and the pull that right-wing extremists have with young men who feel pushed out of the dating market. Other contributions come from Friend of the C-Realm, Marc C. and First of Incelmatics.
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