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KMO talks with B, a life-long member of the Blue Tribe who has recently walked away from her Tribe.

Starting next week, KMO's daily livestream will move run from 2 - 5 pm Eastern.

KMO talks with Ben Burgis, columnist for Jacobin and author of Give Them an Argument: Logic for the Left about the crazy that is the American psyche and media landscape. They pay particular attention to Jon Ronson's book on public shaming and Glenn Greenwald's exit from The Intercept. Fun stuff!

Solo show in which I read shit without permission and ramble on about UBI, Doomerism, the suburbs, and the worldview of Ted Kaczynski. If restoring human dignity and freedom requires sacrificing the Internet, how attached ARE you to dignity and freedom?

17. You Are What You Eat

18. Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, Only Without the Drugs

and Rock and Roll

19. Debt by a Thousand Cuts

20. Courthouse Jesters

21. Waste Not... Why Do you Hate America?

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