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CRV 440

Small bear print in the snow behind my lodging

In the previous episode, I argued that giving a blue check mark to every Twitter user who offered up a credit card number as evidence of their identity would suffice. That argument was immediately destroyed by real world events.

This time, the topic remains Twitter, but now Jim of the Attack Ads! podcast and I dive into an argument from Dave Troy for the idea that Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey are collaborating to transform Twitter from a for-profit company into a "public good at the protocol level" in order to secure humanity's future as a multi-planet species. The whitepaper by Dave Troy referenced in this conversation can be found here.

CRV 439

A trash can in Kings Beach, California

My first podcast since moving to California. I talk about the social observations I made on my 3-day Greyhound journey, my close encounter with a bear, my new girlfriend, and the elite liberal reaction to Elon Musk's takeover of Twitter.

583: Psyop Defense

Psionic hero defending against a mind flayer attack - NightCafe AI

KMO welcomes psychotherapist Zac Rhodenizer to the podcast to talk about the ways in which wild-grown and deliberately engineered mind viruses hijack human cognitive capacities for nefarious purposes and ways to recognize and defend against such attacks.

Find Zac on Twitter.

Zac's book, "Psychological Defence: Protection from psyops, culture wars, and social contagion" is being pre-released on


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NightCafe AI seed phrase: Angels in Holochain Heaven (with additional modification)

KMO talks with LifeSmyth/Systems Tinker of the Doomer Optimism podcast about his journey from techno-utopianism through the valley of Doomerism and into a new phase of mental life that prioritizes physical presence and activity over worldview cultivation. Later the conversation turns to currency design and the ways in which Holochain differs from other crypto projects.

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