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548: Logic Bros

KMO welcomes Ben Burgis, author of Give Them An Argument: Logic for the Left to the C-Realm to talk about why so many people on the left are averse to using logic and rational argument and default to shaming and moral denunciation instead. Ben also explains why the logic bros on the right may not have all that firm a grasp on what makes a compelling argument, even if they have memorized the names of lots of informal fallacies.

CRV 341

Doug Lain of Zero Books returns to the C-Realm Vault to talk about the assault by Antifa members on Andy Ngo, a journalist who has a history of filming Antifa members and trying to interview them. After the assault, a swath of leftist Twitter voices condemned Ngo and defended Antifa. Later, KMO and Doug discuss the coherence of calls to "Break Up Big Tech."

CRV 340

KMO talks with author and paranormal investigator (and RPG publisher)Michael O. Varhola about demonic possession, haunted houses, UFOs, ghosts, the chupacabra and so-called skepticism.

547: Population and Narrative

William Ryerson

KMO talks with Bill Ryerson of Population Media Center about that organization's decades-long mission to help people in developing countries overcome maladaptive cultural narratives and live more effective lives.

CRV 339

Delaware is little more than a toll both for a lot of people.

The conversation with David Blacker about his book, What's Left of the World, started in C-Realm Podcast #546, Identity and Displacement, concludes here. Thereafter, KMO and Rob talk about Andrew Yang's book, The War On Normal People.