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CRV 466

I made a video recently in which I talked about the possibility of a second Civil War in the United States. To be clear, I don't think this is likely to happen, but if it did...

Here's a conversation that I recorded with John Atwood on that topic.

CRV 645

This episode is inspired by my listening to a curated list of episode of the QAnon Anonymous Podcast, a left-oriented and sometimes mean-spirited exploration of the Q phenomenon.

C-Realm supporter and occasional podcast guest write of the QAnon Anonymous Podcast: QAnon Anonymous started in 2018.  As with all podcasts I enjoy (including yours), I start listening from the beginning, then follow it chronologically.  I am now up to about Feb. 2020, so just past the Jan. 6 event, which was huge for Q.  What could be the basis of a conversation is the whole idea of conspiracy theories, and in particular how and why people get "red-pilled".  There were clips from QAnon rallies and from Jan. 6 that are amazing in how seriously these people believe the crazy.  A lot comes from the usual propaganda channels, but there seems to be something more going on.

He compiled the following list of essential episodes: - Must-listen* overall survey. (*Unless you are completely new to the Q phenomenon, I would recommend skipping this one. It is the most mean-spirited episode on this list.) - Human trafficking, which is an important part of Q. - A collection of Q stories. - The capture of Scott Adams by Trump/Q.  I used to follow Scott Adam's blog, and noted his fascination of Trump's rhetorical and persuasive skills.  I dropped it when he went into the deep end. - The mole children raised in the tunnel network below Central Park in NYC are important to Q. - What it says. The episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast draws most heavily from this episode. - "Save the Children" is a cover for Q.  Some crazy stuff going on in LA. - Detailed description of the Jan. 6 event. - The connection of 4chan (the early Q outlet) to Japanese otakus.


This episode explores ideas in Ian M. Banks' 1994 essay, "A Few Notes on the Culture." You can find an audiobook version of the essay on The KMO Show feed and on YouTube.

The primary question addressed here is whether future artificial intelligence, perhaps an artificial super intelligence similar to the "Minds" depicted in the Culture novels, could make a planned economy successful in spite of their long track record of failure when implemented by human planners.

More generally, the episode examines whether something approximating a post-scarcity society with roughly equal distribution of benefits and privileges to all inhabitants is possible and what it might look like.

Warning, this episode could send those allergic to hopium into anaphylactic  shock.

C-Realm Vault 462

KMO sits down with a self-described "right of center" chemical engineer working in the green energy sector. They discuss the feasibility of replacing fossil fuel energy with biofuels. There's a bit about AI at the end, but this episode is largely a jump back in time to when the C-Realm Podcast was mostly about whether industrial civilization will be able to continue beyond the exhaustion of petroleum resources.

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