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Red of face and big of belly. Time to lose some weight.

Tales from my recent road trip plus analysis of Jon Stewart's Wuhan lab leak routine on Stephen Colbert's show. Jimmy Dore seems to have missed some nuance.

CRV 401

The Real Time Epistemology Club met or the first time on Clubhouse on Sunday, June 6, 2021. It was not a recorded session, but KMO did record his own contributions to the discussion, and that's what's on offer (along with some additional, contextual remarks from KMO) in this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast. Thanks to everyone who participated but who voices and ideas cannot be heard directly in this podcast episode.


CRV 400

The Whales are gobbling up Bitcoin

The interview with Thaddeus Russell that began in C-Realm Podcast episode 573 concludes here. Later KMO goes on a rant tying together the Bannon vs Frum debate, populism, liberalism, globalism and cryptocurrencies.

573: The Long Revenge

KMO talks with Thaddeus Russell, author of A Renegade History of the United States and the host of the Unregistered Podcast, about life under slavery, the shortcomings of libertarianism, and the case for Pax Americana as the least worst mechanism for global stability given the existing state of affairs.

You can find a 2018 conversation between Thaddeus Russell and Douglas Lain here:

And the Munk Debate between David Frum and Steve Bannon is here:

And here's a conversation between Steve Bannon and Sargon of Akkad:

CRV 399

Bitcoin in freefall, central banks flooding the economy with new money, people raring to get back to normal life. All of these are variables in the weird world of the present moment. How do they all interact and to what effect?

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