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C-Realm Vault 345

Rumor has it that there was a generation BETWEEN the Baby Boomers and the Millennials, but so far I have been unable to locate any reliable documentation of this so-called "Generation X." Guest: Doug Lain

551: The Specter of Ecofascism

KMO and John Michael Greer met up in Lancaster, PA this week to talk about ecofascism. JMG made a bit of a stir a few weeks back when he published an essay on his blog called The Next Twilight of Environmentalism. His thesis is that we're in the early stages of seeing media power-brokers discredit environmentalism by associating it with Nazis, white nationalists and mass shooters. Later in the podcast, KMO asks JMG about the candidacy of Andrew Yang and his signature policy, the Freedom Dividend.

550: The Hamster Wheel of Futility

JHK in his kitchen

James Howard Kunstler

KMO and JHK yak about the degraded state of American electoral politics, the Democrat Primary contest, potential campaign surprises, and the potential for cyber-mischief from unexpected quarters.

The first part of the conversation is to be found on YouTube:

CRV 344

Continuing the discussion of John Michael Greer's blog post, The Next Twilight of Environmentalism, KMO is joined by Rob the polymath to discuss the possibility that mainstream pundits on the left will soon take a fringe message mainstream and insist that any talk of ecological limits or capacity is motivated by racism.

CRV 343

KMO just got back from a week in Lancaster, PA. The view out the window of the Amtrak train he took to get their gave him plenty to talk about with Kevin Lynn, director of PFIR, as did this blog post by John Michael Greer.