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579 – GrowthBusters and Super Connectors

Dave Gardener of the GrowthBusters Podcast

Fresh back from promoting the GEBB comic at EarthX 2022 in Dallas, Texas, KMO returns to the Big Room of the C-Realm Podcast with a conversation recorded on the expo floor with Dave Gardener, the host and producer of the GrowthBusters Podcast. Dave spells out the case against growth, and KMO provides a bit of skeptical pushback to help Dave shore up his arguments.

Later, we hear from Anna Haskell and Slava Borisov, the founders of Padverb, a service that helps podcasters find great guests for their programs. KMO will soon be hosting the Padverb Podcast which should come as a pleasant surprise for those who wish that he'd put out more free podcasts.

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