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521: A Menagerie of Archetypes

We're all familiar with the archetypal alien abduction scenario. You wake up in your bed. You can't move. Short gray humanoids with big black eyes surround you. They whisk you off to some other place for painful and humiliating procedures and then mostly wipe your memory of the event, at least in the short term. People have reported encounters with a whole menagerie of alien types. Some are beautiful and benevolent, others monstrous and hostile. But with the Grays, their intentions seem self-interested, but they're mostly just unfathomable. Larry Lowe describes how this narrative coalesced in the late 80s and early 90s and cemented itself as our cultures dominant schema for contact with alien intelligence.


Additional materials and links supplied by Larry:

There is an enormous amount of 'Projected motive' in the various tales told most of which is homocentric.
The grays are interested in reproduction because they themselves cannot reproduce.
How much sense, exactly, does that make?  None, really.
Raymond Fowler    The (Betty) Andreasson Affair Paperback – May 23, 1980
Great art - the origin of the look, IMHO
Budd Hopkins    Intruders: The Incredible Visitations at Copley Woods     Mar 12, 1987
Whitley Strieber   Communion: A TRUE STORY Hardcover – 1987
Budd Hopkins  Missing Time Mass Market Paperback – March 12, 1988
David Jacobs   Secret Life: Firsthand, Documented Accounts of Ufo Abductions Paperback – April 16, 1993
John Mack   Abduction: Human Encounters with AliensDec 15, 2009

520: States and Stages

Dr. Carole Griggs and Ted Strauss are the co-founders of iConscious, a project intended "to create a world in which it is normal for all human beings to awaken their whole being, bring their unique genius into the world, and live together in deeply attuned, collective consciousness." In the conversation, we consider the relationship of consciousness to human brains and how humans might awake more fully to transcendent consciousness with the help of artificial intelligence. Carole and Ted not only hope to help foster friendly AI, they're aiming for "loving AI." Toward the end of the conversation, the consider the possibility that psychedelics might have a role to play in the project of full human flourishing.

519 Phoning It In

KMO and Doug Lain talk about Black Panther for a bit before moving on to Star Trek: Discovery and the way in which movies and television seem to have switched places in terms of the sophistication of their content. Then on to the main event: Jordan Peterson vs. Slavoj Zikek. They haven't actually debated one another, but certain portions of the Internet are aquiver at the possibility. Doug does his best to explain the fascination.

518: Madness

A C-Realm listener commented that some of "the denizens of various C-Realm-adjacent parts of cyberspace" aren't much impressed with the narrative that Russian interference in the 2016 election put Donald Trump in the White House. KMO isn't remotely impressed by this narrative, nor is this week's guest, Keith Preston of Attack the System. By fixating on the notion that Clinton would have won had it not been for those meddling Rooskies, DNC partisans remain blind to the fact that their party has very little to offer the people on the losing end of wealth and class polarization. Later, KMO explains why he is making a deliberate effort to disengage from the madness that is Facebook.

517: Egotastic Chat

KMO welcomes JP, host of Talking the Orville on the Egotastic FunTime YouTube channel to the C-Realm to talk about The Orville, Star Trek Discovery and Black Mirror. In addition to jawing about their current favorite Trek-style shows, they also talk about comedy and trying to make a living as an independent content creator.

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