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CRV 454

The long-delayed conversation with Danielle Boccelli which started in KMO Show episode 007 concludes in this episode of the podcast. We struggle with the notion of whether there is a qualitative difference between a search engine returning a list of links to websites that have a statistical correlation with your search string and letting you do the cognitive work of evaluating and synthesizing the data and a chatbot doing all of that for you and just spitting out an answer.

CRV 452

The conversation with Bryan Cheong that began in KMO Show episode 005 concludes here. KMO tries to get Bryan to play in the Doomer's sandbox, and Bryan consistently declines to do so. After the conversation wraps up, KMO summarizes some of arch-AI-Doomer Eliezer Yudkowsky's reasons for thinking that humanity is near the end of its run.

CRV 451

Elon Musk is an Evil Genius

The conversation with RU Sirius which began in KMO Show episode 4 concludes here. After that, we hear from Jim, your ad attacker, about how his opinion of Elon Musk has changed over the years. The conclusion to the conversation with Jim is to be found on YouTube

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