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C-Realm Radio 057

KMO welcomes Bill McKibben back to the C-Realm to discuss his new novel, Radio Free Vermont: A Fable of Resistance. Vermont has been an independent nation in the past, and some people would like to see it make its own way apart from the United States in the 21st Century. Bill McKibben is not one of those people calling for a real-life Vermont succession, but he stresses that in the face of the Trump provocations we must mount some sort of resistance.

516: That New Card Smell


KMO talks with solo game designer, James Patton about the Cyberpunk-themed game that he has been working on for the last couple of years. The conversation starts out with an examination of the boundaries of the cyberpunk genre and branches out from there to encompass several recurring C-Realm themes including the cynical manipulation of human psychology to extract treasure from the naive, the unwary, and the vulnerable. What do you think? Are loot crates a form of gambling?

C-Realm Radio 056

James Felton Keith

KMO welcomes James Felton Keith, author of Personal Data: The People's Asset Class,  back to the C-Realm to talk about why he's running for Congress and how our society would be better situated to provide for everyone if we all owned the personal data that we generate just by living our lives. JFK explains why this will benefit society even if it does provide more immediate gains for those who are already doing well under the current arrangement. Finally, the conversation turns to racial justice, police violence, and the state of the relationship between the young people of color and the NYPD.

C-Realm Radio 055

Rob Moore

Rob Moore is the author of The Consciousness Papers. The book was presented to him by an entity that he considers to be his higher self. His quitting smoking was the catalyst for his own personal transformation, and addiction is a major concern and problem for rural communities across the country, and Vermont is no exception. KMO and Rob talk about the transmission of wisdom and the prerequisites for receiving and understanding it.

C-Realm Radio 054

Increasingly in the 21st Century, we no longer make out livings as employers and employees, but as disconnected players whose coordinated actions are directed by apps. As Misha Lepetic puts it in a recent piece for 3 Quarks Daily, there are two kinds of people in the world, "those who are told what to do by software, and those who tell software what to do." You don't want to be stuck "below the API," because there's nowhere to go from there. You can never get promoted to occupy your supervisor's seat if your supervisor is an algorithm. Misha explains the hype, the promise, and the unintended consequences of trying to restructure the world of work in the image of the blockchain.

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