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323: Absent a Common Culture

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KMO talks with James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency and Too Much Magic, about race, racism, black separatism, the drug war, and the need for a common culture with universally accepted standards of behavior for all members of that culture. This conversation makes explicit reference to C-Realm podcast episodes 279: Overvaluing Genius and 313: Peak Oil and the White “We.” KMO concludes the episode by reading a post from the Friends the C-Realm Group on Facebook about how obsessing over 9/11 conspiracy theories directs attention away from much greater crimes.

Music by Hobotech.

322: Poised Between Denial and Anger

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KMO welcomes James Howard Kunstler back to the program to talk about the themes in his new book, Too Much Magic: Wishful Thinking, Technology, and the Fate of the Nation. Jim describes himself as being allergic to conspiracy theories, and KMO explores the space of ideas looking for the place where Jim draws the line between credible speculation about malfeasance in the corridors of power and the paranoid fantasies of ultra-right-wing lunatics as exemplified by the John Birch Society. Could anybody ever be elected to high office by promising to manage economic contraction intelligently, or will promises of American exceptionalism and continued expansion mark the winner in every electoral contest? Jim says that the chronic trafficking in dishonesty in the realms of politics and finance is destroying necessary public institutions and eroding the legitimacy of government. In the second segment, KMO and Olga talk about student debt with Beth and Karl Klein and concludes with a few words about the soon-to-be-launched C-Realm Vault Podcast.

321: Power WITH People

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KMO welcomes Melanie Gold, educator and activist, to the podcast to discuss Occupy Wall Street as well as a broad range of social justice issues. KMO starts the podcast by explaining why he prefers Riane Eisler’s Dominator/Partnership terminology over talk of “Patriarchy” with it’s accompanying implication that fatherhood is an inherently violent and repressive institution. Melanie relates this idea to her chosen language in her OWS work in which she emphasizes the concept of achieving power WITH people rather than power OVER people. Melanie invokes the concept of restorative justice as a way of looking for and addressing the unmet need that motivated a desperate act rather than seeking retribution against a wrong-doer. KMO voices his frustration with his oldest son’s experience in public school, and Melanie describes why being a teacher bound by a rigid curriculum is to be oppressed. The conversation touches on the Drug War, NYC’s “stop and frisk” policy which targets young black men, and how the experience of being arrested redoubled her conviction to continue protesting. KMO concludes the podcast with clips of Chris Hedges and Webster Tarpley voice Yin and Yang views on the effectiveness of Occupy Wall Street.

320: The Coming Drug Peace

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KMO welcomes journalist and author Doug Fine back to the C-Realm to talk about his new book, Too High to Fail: Cannabis and the New Green Economic Revolution.  Doug spent a year talking with cannabis farmers, local citizens, and  law enforcement in Mendocino County, California, where medical growers  who want to comply with that state’s medical marijuana law can obtain  permission from the Sheriff’s Department to grow up to 99 cannabis  plants without fear of arrest or harassment by local law enforcement.  The program has been enormously successful, and Doug describes it as a  glimpse at the coming Drug Peace and a preview of how cannabis can move  from the underground into the legitimate economy. Doug thinks that the  market for cannabis as a psychoactive agent may end up a niche market  compared to the potential of hemp for use as a biofuel feedstock. Still,  the economic implications of removing the artificial price support for  marijuana that prohibition provides are complex, and KMO and Doug try to  tease them out for clear-headed analysis.

319: Russian Dolls

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KMO welcomes Neil Kramer back to the C-Realm Podcast to discuss his new book, The Unfoldment: The Organic Path to Clarity, Power, and Transformation. Neil describes the 7 densities of being, and KMO focuses in the 4th density and relates it to J.R.R. Tolkien’s description of the Valar in The Silmarillion. In the second half of the program, Neil details how to find locations where the energetic process of unfoldment occur more easily than in the places we normally inhabit, and he warns against an over-reliance on entheogens in spiritual practice.

Music by Southside.

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