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515: Universal Love and Struggle

Leo He Zhao

The main C-Realm Podcast has been in stasis for a few months, but KMO is back with a fresh installment. Leo He Zhao was born in Communist China, escaped to the West with his family, and grew up accepting the self-congratulatory story of Capitalist ideology. It wasn't until adulthood that he began to re-examine his views about Communism. Now, on the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution Leo explains to KMO how the actual history of the Soviet Union has been systematically distorted in Capitalist propaganda. You can follow Leo's writing and interact with him and other people interested in radical political change in his Facebook Group, A Pluralist Accord of Differences United by Universal Love and Struggle.

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C-Realm Radio 053

Arizona Senator Jeff Flake (R) announced that he will not be seeking re-election after the end of his current term, and he implied that it was Donald Trump's fault for coarsening the political discourse. KMO asked his Facebook tribe what they thought of Flake's actions, and everyone except Larry Lowed spewed venom in Flake's direction. Most people were responding from the left and ascribed cynical and/or cowardly motivations to him. The one response coming from the right lambasted Flake for "lashing out like a virtue signaling SJW." Only this week's guest, Larry Lowe attributed Flake's announcement to conscience. Larry, who has been a political agnostic most of his life, is so moved by the current situation that he is now actively working to get Bob Bishop (D), an airshow legend, elected to Flake's soon to be vacant seat.

C-Realm Radio 052

Hunter Maats

KMO welcomes Hunter Maats of the Mixed Mental Arts podcast and online community to the C-Realm to talk about how to become more flexible and adaptive thinkers and communicators. They compare notes on uprooting appealing but counter-productive meme-complexes. The memes that propagate the most prolifically are rarely the ones that produce the best outcomes for the minds they inhabit. At the end, KMO invites Hunter to re-visit his criticisms of Sam Harris.

C-Realm Radio 051

Community Radio Rules!

KMO was interviewed back in September for an Australian radio show called Greening the Apocalypse. In that conversation, Adam and Sarah asked KMO about the evolution of his worldview. It's a question KMO has answered many times before, and he makes an effort to include details and perspectives that will make this conversation fresh for listeners who have heard that story before. The conversation navigates that passage between techno-utopianism and collapse fetishism.

C-Realm Radio 050

Prof. Richard D. Wolff

KMO welcomes Professor Richard D. Wolff, the host of Economic Update to C-Realm Radio to discuss the state of the US economy and the possibility of a transition to a post-capitalist social arrangement. Professor Wolff leaves predicting the future to carnival fortune tellers, but while we can't know exactly when and how our social system will change, we can see why the current modus is untenable and perhaps glean some insight as to how to adapt ourselves and our social relations in advance of the change.

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