Me and Jim in 2013

This is a conversation recorded in 2018 that is the basis for the chapter about me in Jim Kunstler's new book, Living in the Long Emergency.


Jason Momoa in a 2020 Superbowl ad

KMO talks with Ed the Willing about impeachment, corona virus, trading on the volatility index, Joe Rogan and attempts to paint him as a monster to damage the Sanders campaign.


Feast your eyes on this lavish cover art. The audio content is every bit as provocative and alluring as this image.

KMO talks with Irv Mills about the pitfalls of managing by metrics before getting into a rousing discussion about the significance of the Consumer Price Index and finally a long and meandering rant about stuff.

CRV 352

Doug Lain says that Baby Yoda is worse than Hitler. What's he talking about? This final recorded conversation of the year 2019 fills the first CRV episode of 2020. Enjoy!