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KMO talks with long-time contributor of fine feedback, Static Warp Shell. KMO and Kevin Lynn met up with Static and another C-Realm listener for a walking tour of some neighborhoods in Baltimore, Maryland that used to depend on the mass employment opportunities provided by mills and factories in the area. The mills are gone, and the neighborhoods have moved on. Lots to talk about there.

KMO welcomes Eric Boyd back to the C-Realm to reflect on 2020 and to try to pierce the mists of the future to catch a glimpse of what's to come. Topics include new space, money & debt, the shortcomings of algorithmic economy, the value of human attention, meat production in the age of molecular agriculture, and the glacial pace of the development of humanoid robots. Those pining for techno-collapse will find much to grind their teeth about in this episode.

2020 is over, but the pandemic may be just about to catch its second wind. Great time to talk about Peak Oil, electric cars, and that most hated of techno-can-do dudes, Elon Musk. Eric Boyd joins KMO in the Vault to tackle the tech.

Reading and viewing list:

Peak Oil is Suddenly Upon Us

Is There A Lithium-ion Battery Shortage Coming?

Tesla Battery Day: 2020  

Puttin' on the glove

In this final C-Realm Vault podcast for the year 2020, KMO wraps up the heretical conversation about COVID-19 with Bob Brown before moving on to read from and respond to essays by Richard Heinberg and Yuval Noah Harari.

2020. What a year.

KMO talks with Robert Brown about 2020 and the efforts on the part of US governmental agencies, big tech, and legacy media outlets like the New York Times to discredit anyone who advocates early, out-patient treatment of COVID-19 as an "Anti-Vaxxer."

The full video excerpted at the beginning of this episode can be found here:

The 2-page PDF mentioned in the podcast,Critical Care COVID-19 Management Protocol , can be found here:

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