CRV 350

It's turkey day, or nearly so. KMO gives thanks for the folks who comment on his YouTube videos, as they provide the seed for this installments ruminations on capitalism, Georgism, the Democratic Party's rabid tunnel vision and obsession with Russia, and the insanity that lies ahead in the 2020 electoral contest. Strap yourself in. It's gonna be a doozy.

552: Radicals and Reactionaries

Prof. Harvey J. Kaye

KMO talks with Harvey J. Kaye, author of Take Hold of Our History: Make America Radical Again, about what it means to be radical and how Americans can empower themselves by re-connecting with our history of radical organizing and action. KMO makes reference to The Final Reflection, a Star Trek novel from 1985.


KMO and Rob talk about 3 items from Peter Zeihan's Cutting Room Floor files concerning South Korean, Mexico and Japan. How will they fair once the USA hangs up it's spurs and stops being the global sheriff?

CRV 347

The interview with Philip, a Millennial, concludes in this episode, and then KMO riffs on the subject matter that he's been covering in his daily YouTube videos for half an hour.