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Is this your idea of a lithium mine?

Long-time listeners will recognize Eric Boyd as the loyal C-Realm opposition on the topic of Peak Oil and collapse. Eric has appeared on the C-Realm and C-Realm Vault podcasts for years as the person who offers friendly, calm push-back against the PO collapse narrative. Now the KMO has put some distance between himself and collapse, it seems like a good time to check back in with Eric to compare notes.

CRV 326

KMO shares listener feedback that he received in response to C-Realm Podcast episode #539: Extend the Pretend with guest, James Howard Kunstler.

539: Extend the Pretend

KMO has turned Peak Oil apostate. Information technology and machine learning in particular, seem to have played a much more influential and interesting role in determining the course of industrial civilization over the past decade than have shortfalls in petroleum production. In short, the predictions of a Peak Oil fast collapse have failed to materialize. Over that same period, most everyone in the industrialized world has taken to carrying powerful computers around with them that fit in the palms of their hands. Governments and corporations use the data we generate with our online activity for surveillance and social control. What will the coming decade hold? Will the collapse of industrial civilization finally make its entrance, or will information technology extend it's lead over the predicted collapse? KMO puts these questions to long-time C-Realm guest, James Howard Kunstler, who predicts that the collapse is still coming, and that the next couple of years will be marked by greatly increased levels of disorder on the international stage.

CRV 306

KMO describes two seemingly unrelated articles on and teases out an implicit message they both reinforce: white people suck. Particularly middle-aged white men. The articles in question are New Evidence Contradicts Theory That Easter Island Society Collapse by George Dvorsky and The New Star Trek Show Is a Chance to Last Jedi the Hell Out of Captain Picard by James Whitbrook.

CRV 302

KMO mashes up an essay about how Dune is the only fandom not beholden to corporate overlords and a report about how a Mormon billionaire's plan to build a high-tech, high-density eco community in Vermont was stymied by local resistance and a report from Douglas Rushkoff about fielding questions from oligarchs about how to keep their private security forces from taking command of their luxury apocalypse bunkers once the economy has collapsed. It's a delicious melange, and it must flow.

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