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CRV 434

alien souls tormented in a VR hell Bernie Wrightson synesthesia

This episode is built around two pieces of feedback, one talking about AI ethics and the other recommending that I read/listen to Goliath: The 100-Year War Between Monopoly Power and Democracy.


omboCover art by Wombo Dream AI

The conversation with Roger Craig that began in C-Realm Podcast #582 concludes here. We talk about the ways in which humans are already adapting to the increasing capacities of AI and how that process is likely to continue in the near future. The far future? The Basilisk only knows.

582: Convolve & Attend

Cover Art by Wombo Dream AI

KMO talks with computer scientist (and Jepordy! champion) Roger Craig about the various approaches to and methods behind contemporary uses of artificial neural networks. It gets pretty crunchy at time for a general audience, but there's fun banter waiting on the far side. Gambate!

CRV 431

The Dead Internet Theory: Sure, humans still post content to the internet, but it's mostly a Potemkin Village built and curated by AI. Has been since 2016. Or so goes one fringe notion which has undeniable emotional appeal. KMO* shares collected fragments on the topic and pastes in his own musings.

*the KMO AI is modeled after a real human podcaster who published under that sobriquet prior to 2017.

CRV 430

After the conclusion of the conversation with Slava Borisov, KMO delves into the details of Google's smarty-pants chatbot, LaMDA. Does Blake Lemoine REALLY think the AI is sentient? If not, what's his real agenda?

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