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The conversation with Jim, your Ad Attacker, which started in KMO Show #20 concludes here. We start off talking about how plausible it is that AI-infused devices might get up to some mischief after we set them aside for newer models. The conversation diverges from that starting premise and roams around as unstructured conversations will.


This episode explores ideas in Ian M. Banks' 1994 essay, "A Few Notes on the Culture." You can find an audiobook version of the essay on The KMO Show feed and on YouTube.

The primary question addressed here is whether future artificial intelligence, perhaps an artificial super intelligence similar to the "Minds" depicted in the Culture novels, could make a planned economy successful in spite of their long track record of failure when implemented by human planners.

More generally, the episode examines whether something approximating a post-scarcity society with roughly equal distribution of benefits and privileges to all inhabitants is possible and what it might look like.

Warning, this episode could send those allergic to hopium into anaphylactic  shock.

CRV 458

KMO shares some inspiring and deranged stuff from the r/stupidpol subreddit. Later, Michael Roper, a non-linear blogger and long-time friend of the C-Realm stops by to report on his experiences with Bing and Bard, the AI mouthpieces from Microsoft and Google. The conversation hops from topic to topic after that. The episode cover art was created by Michael with no input from any AI.


Here's a conversation I had with Kevin Wohlmut several weeks ago. It was supposed to be about AI, but discussion of Elon Musk sent us on a political tangent from which we never returned.

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