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In this data not found episode, KMO makes superficial observations about the public message drift that took JHK, JMG and Dmitry Orlov from presenting roughly agreeing worldviews at the height of the Peak Oil movement to occupying rather diverse locations on the public intellectual spectrum in 2021.


Me and Jim in 2013

This is a conversation recorded in 2018 that is the basis for the chapter about me in Jim Kunstler's new book, Living in the Long Emergency.

542: Blowback From the Blowback

Granted. This is NOT a recent photo. Ain't none of us gettin' any younger. Photo by Olga Kuchukov.

A few weeks ago, KMO came out to Jim Kunstler as a sort of Peak Oil apostate. One of the most passionate and coherent of the people pushing back against KMO's change of opinion on the topic of Peak Oil is his friend and neighbor, Doug. In this episode of the C-Realm Radio show on WOOL, 91.5 FM in Bellows Falls, Vermont, Doug, JHK and KMO revisit that topic and touch on several others, including the prospects for the DNC Primary contest for the 2020 election.

CRV 325

KMO drove over the mountain and through the woods to Jim Kunstler's house for a visit. Most of their conversation was off the record, but in this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast, subscribers will hear the parts of the conversation that got recorded but maybe shouldn't have been. Here's the Twitter thread Jim read and responded too:

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