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CRV 325

KMO drove over the mountain and through the woods to Jim Kunstler's house for a visit. Most of their conversation was off the record, but in this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast, subscribers will hear the parts of the conversation that got recorded but maybe shouldn't have been. Here's the Twitter thread Jim read and responded too:

CRV 292

Here is more conversation from KMO's recent day spent with James Howard Kunstler. They talk about (and to) artificial intelligence. Jim makes his case for the possibility of a fast collapse, and KMO takes up JMG's model of catabolic collapse that plays out over lifetimes.

Later, KMO talks about the perverse outcomes of mixing the sense of identity, community and purpose that comes with being a dog rescuer with loads of cash raised online, breed-specific adoption pipelines that need filling, and dog auctions.