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553: 2019 Wrap-Up

KMO and Douglas Lain set out to talk about 2019 and immediately start coloring outside the lines. The conversation continues on the Vault and concludes on YouTube:

CRV 325

KMO drove over the mountain and through the woods to Jim Kunstler's house for a visit. Most of their conversation was off the record, but in this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast, subscribers will hear the parts of the conversation that got recorded but maybe shouldn't have been. Here's the Twitter thread Jim read and responded too:


Mark Blyth is sure Clinton will run again in 2020.

KMO and Douglas Lain discuss the year gone by. Trump eats up a fair bit of the hour, as does the #MeToo movement and the quiet catastrophe that is the opioid epidemic. For the first part of 2017, all many could talk about was 2016. As the year wore on, we turned out sights to 2020.


KMO riffs on the topics Bruce Sterling addressed in his annual talk at SXSW and responses to feedback from listeners.  The cover art is based on an info-graphic by Thomas Homer-Dixon assessing the risks of financial crisis, authoritarianism, civil violence, and war over the next five years under President Trump.


CRV232KMO talks with podcasting peer from back in the day, Cody of Blacklight in the Attic, about the strategies he uses to counter online echo chambers that propagate crazy narratives like chemtrail and flat earth conspiracy mania. Cody is part of an on-line brigade of skeptics and debunkers who call themselves the Badgers, a secret society with multiple membership levels. At the end of the podcast, KMO shares some of his recent writings on the Deep State.