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Here's a conversation I had with Kevin Wohlmut several weeks ago. It was supposed to be about AI, but discussion of Elon Musk sent us on a political tangent from which we never returned.

CRV 451

Elon Musk is an Evil Genius

The conversation with RU Sirius which began in KMO Show episode 4 concludes here. After that, we hear from Jim, your ad attacker, about how his opinion of Elon Musk has changed over the years. The conclusion to the conversation with Jim is to be found on YouTube

CRV 440

Small bear print in the snow behind my lodging

In the previous episode, I argued that giving a blue check mark to every Twitter user who offered up a credit card number as evidence of their identity would suffice. That argument was immediately destroyed by real world events.

This time, the topic remains Twitter, but now Jim of the Attack Ads! podcast and I dive into an argument from Dave Troy for the idea that Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey are collaborating to transform Twitter from a for-profit company into a "public good at the protocol level" in order to secure humanity's future as a multi-planet species. The whitepaper by Dave Troy referenced in this conversation can be found here.

567: Looking Slightly Back and Way Forward

KMO welcomes Eric Boyd back to the C-Realm to reflect on 2020 and to try to pierce the mists of the future to catch a glimpse of what's to come. Topics include new space, money & debt, the shortcomings of algorithmic economy, the value of human attention, meat production in the age of molecular agriculture, and the glacial pace of the development of humanoid robots. Those pining for techno-collapse will find much to grind their teeth about in this episode.

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