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Increasingly in the 21st Century, we no longer make out livings as employers and employees, but as disconnected players whose coordinated actions are directed by apps. As Misha Lepetic puts it in a recent piece for 3 Quarks Daily, there are two kinds of people in the world, "those who are told what to do by software, and those who tell software what to do." You don't want to be stuck "below the API," because there's nowhere to go from there. You can never get promoted to occupy your supervisor's seat if your supervisor is an algorithm. Misha explains the hype, the promise, and the unintended consequences of trying to restructure the world of work in the image of the blockchain.

Autonomous vehicles are primed to mow down millions of driving jobs around the world.

A couple of months ago, KMO met with several Peak Oil personalities in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and asked them a question about electric cars that was provided by Eric Boyd. If you missed that, you can watch the YouTube video. Eric was not satisfied with what seemed like canned responses. He explains why in this episode. The conversation then touches on Hulu's adaptation of The Handmaid's Tale before moving on to China's push to be the world leader in the development and utilization of artificial intelligence. Of course, you can't talk about AI's impact on the economic landscape without talking about it's job-killing aspect. Jobs provide a stable identity over time, or at least they used to when it was common for people to stay at the same company for decades. Hopefully, the Millenials will do better at re-inventing themselves than have the Boomer men who lost their jobs late in the game.

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