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CRV 412

Qian Xuesen

The conversation with Eric Boyd about the geopolitical tensions around China and Taiwan concludes in this episode with special attention paid to the long-standing animosity between China and Vietnam.

The handsome fellow in the cover art is Qian Xuesen. He worked on the Manhattan project and later on America's early rocket programs, but he was branded a spy and deported to China during the anti-communist paranoia of the McCarthy era. In China he poured his efforts into developing rockets as delivery systems for nuclear weapons and later for space travel. In the podcast, I was reciting his bio from memory and got a few of the details wrong. Read this for a short but more accurate account:

CRV 411

It's geopolitics time. KMO talks with Eric Boyd about the nitty gritty details of the tensions around Taiwan. The CCP insists that Taiwan will join greater China one way or the other. Voluntarily would be nice, but a military invasion is most
definitely on the table. If China invades, will the USA intervene? What about Japan or Australia?

KMO reads from these sources:

558: Sino-Sustainability

KMO talks with Eric Boyd about China's performance during the the Covid-19 crisis as well as the long-term prospects for a CCP-controlled China in the near and intermediate-term future. Grist for the conversation mill came from Peter Zeihan's series of newsletter series, A Failure of Global Leadership.


In this solo episode, KMO reads some feedback from thoughtful listeners, including a long piece from the author of The Hipcrime Vocab blog about Modern Monetary Theory and inflation. Thereafter it's all AI all the time. What is Alexa doing to us? What will be the long term ramifications of AlphaGo beating a Chinese Go champion and providing the Chinese Communist Party with its AI Sputnik moment? How will AI assistants play our emotions?

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