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In this solo episode, KMO reads some feedback from thoughtful listeners, including a long piece from the author of The Hipcrime Vocab blog about Modern Monetary Theory and inflation. Thereafter it's all AI all the time. What is Alexa doing to us? What will be the long term ramifications of AlphaGo beating a Chinese Go champion and providing the Chinese Communist Party with its AI Sputnik moment? How will AI assistants play our emotions?


KMO responds to some listener feedback about Modern Monetary Theory before diving into an examination of Westworld, The OA, Stranger Things, Tibetian Buddhism and how Philip K. Dick's 1973 mystical experience continues to ripple across the face of popular culture. We seem to be coming out of a period marked by a fascination for the apocalyptic and emerging into an era of fiction that is premised on the notion that the world is something other than what it seems.