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498: Everything’s a Racket

Detail from The 4th of July by James Howard Kunstler

Detail from The 4th of July by James Howard Kunstler

As the weekly C-Realm Podcast production schedule winds down, KMO invites long-time, repeat guest, James Howard Kunstler back to the program to talk about what has allowed the world economy to levitate in defiance of the laws of economic physics for the last 8 years. KMO asks about the prospect of continued job loss to automation, and JHK says that there's no need to worry about robots stealing your job. Rather, he says, it's time to take an interest in working with mules. They also touch on the US presidential election.

ETC Voices Podcast 018

KMO talks with two travelers in search of community. Topics include peak oil, nuclear power, and the challenges of preparing for a post-collapse environment when the imperatives of the money economy remain in full effect.

257: Intelligence and Ferocity


KMO welcomes author and blogger, Dave Pollard to the program to talk about transition. Dave thinks that industrial civilization is facing likely collapse, but he remains optimistic about the prospect of making a graceful transition to something more sustainable and humane. KMO plays Doomer's advocate. Early in the program, Tara Holste describes the heavy-handed tactics that the FDA employed against a group of families that have forged an alliance with a Pennsylvania farmer to provide fresh milk and dairy products to people who prefer them to the pasteurized, homogenized products of the commodity food industry.

Music by Dave Leaky courtesy of Conscious Sounds

248: Courage, Compassion & Creativity


KMO welcomes Guy McPherson, author of the Nature Bats Last blog, to the C-Realm Podcast to discuss population overshoot, the impact of city living versus rural living, energy descent, the Echo Chamber, confirmation bias and transhumanism. KMO shares feedback from the author of the neufneuf blog.

Music by Madeline Ava.

246: Navigating the Coming Chaos


KMO welcomes Carolyn Baker back to the program to discuss her new book, Navigating the Coming Chaos: A Handbook for Inner Transition.  They weigh the merits of focusing on the machinations of the New World Order, and Carolyn explains why she thinks people are starting to see through the capitalist propaganda of the American Dream. Music by Mistle Thrush.

KMO was the guest on the Shroom with a View Podcast and the Gut and Bone Show.

217: The Success Trap


KMO welcomes Future Pundit Randall Parker back to the program to discuss the possible responses to a looming energy shortfall that "Doomers" think will bring down industrial civilization. Randall doubts things will get that bad, but he fears that in succeeding in our quest for replacement sources of energy, we will continue to push non-human forms of life to the periphery and over the edge into extinction.

Music by Sugaree and Shakedown

216: Got Status?


Are fears of a peak oil-fueled, civilization-wide collapse rational, or do Doomers crave a big crash to excuse their own failures? Does the very success of our global civilization breed resentment and stress that stems from our basic psychological needs as primates shaped by evolution to obsess over our rank in the status hierarchy? KMO discusses these concerns with bloggers Mickey Foley and Randall Parker. Later, a C-Realm listener who spent a week at the Ecovillage Training Center shares his experience of unplugging from the media mainline, and Gregory Landua discusses an upcoming Financial Permaculture event to be held on the Farm in September of 2010.

198: Tools of Connection


KMO welcomes Carolyn Baker, author of Sacred Demise: Walking the Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization's Collapse to the program to Sacred Demise coverdiscuss ways that people can prepare themselves mentally, emotionally and spiritually to pass through the initiatory experience that the collapse of industrial civilization may present to us as individuals and to our communities. Carolyn will be teaching a distance learning course called Navigating the Coming Chaos of Unprecedented Transitions which will be offered through Post Peak Living. Carolyn and KMO discussion the spiritual dimension of the collapse scenario as depicted in the Carolyn Baker mail-to-buttonmovie Book of Eli, and KMO manages to work in a zombie connection.

Music by Mitch.

189: Scale & Scope


C-Realm_190In this whistle stop episode, KMO talks cybernetic consciousness with Eric Boyd and Neil Kramer. Might machine minds prove more resistant to being warped by warped circumstances than humans, or might they go with the amoral flow? Later, Gordon Wardlaw, who hosted a Transitional Alchemy Tour appearance at his home in Mendocino provides some feedback on the event.


183: Back to Surrender Again


This installment features the conclusion of KMO’s conversation with Jason Horsley about the limits and pitfalls of entheogenic self-exploration and the utility of surrender. The second half of the program brings together clips from other podcasts and excerpts from Carolyn Baker’s book Sacred Demise: Walking the Spiritual Path of Industrial Civilization's Collapse to communicate the possibilities for transformation that collapse presents to each of us. At the end of your rope? Good on ya!

Music by Jesse Miller of the Mystic Mind Podcast

To learn more about the C-Realm/Cleaver Couch Surfing Tour or to lend a hand, please contact the following folks:

Los Angeles: Jesse Miller Neil Kramer only.

San Francisco: William Wardlaw

Portland: Doug Lain

Seattle: Volunteer Needed

Vancouver: Justin Ritchie

153: The Kunstler Konspiracy


KMO ventures into the Kunstler Kave with two C-Realm listeners to engage James Howard Kunstler, author of The Long Emergency: Surviving the End of Oil, Climate Change, and Other Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century and Scooter the cat in a conversation on the topic of conspiracy, paranoid thinking, and the undeniable fact that humans at all levels of society do, in fact, collude with one another to advance their own interests and agendas. Other topics include the Obama administration's response to the ongoing financial meltdown, the impossibility of continuing to live on debt, and the maladaptive American penchant for grandiosity that distorts workable responses to challenging times into quixotic fantasies doomed to failure.

Music by East Forrest

146: My Invisible Path


AyasminA returns to the C-Realm to help KMO plumb the darkness for landmarks along KMO's invisible path. In response to an email from the world's only credentialed "creative urbanist," KMO quotes from Kevin Kelly's blog entry about the fatal flaw in the anti-civilizationists' agenda. At the end of the program KMO enlists the words of Charles Eisenstein to anchor the over-arching theme of the episode.

Music: Reggae Drift by Adam of the Psychonautilus.

131: Rocky Top


M. King Hubbert's peak is a perfect mathematical abstraction, and gliding over the top at speed might leave one with a giddy feeling of momentary weightlessness, but according to Albert K. Bates, the reality described by the mathematical object is more of a rocky mountaintop than a glassy smooth parabola, and moving over it's jagged topology won't (doesn't) feel much like gliding.

Read Albert's thoughts on bio-char or learn more about the upcoming permaculture design course in Belize.

The musical interlude in this episode features a track from Tibet2Timbuk2.

You can find the Michael Pollan for Agriculture Secretary petition here:

98: Beyond Civilized and Primitive


First, Dmitry Orlov, author of Reinventing Collapse: The Soviet Example and American Prospects, details the Collapse Party Platform: a list of initiatives that acknowledge the danger of collapse and, if implemented, would make near-future America a more livable place than the destination that political business-as-usual will produce. After that, Ran Prieur shines a harsh but instructive light of reality on a few cherished neo-primitivist fantasies.

Ran makes multiple references to 1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus by Charles C. Mann and describes it as a major influence on the ideas that he articulated in his essay, "Beyond Civilized and Primitive."

80: Higher States of Collapse


Higher States of Collapse

KMO responds to a query concerning the best place in the US to ride out the Malthusian Correction and later enlists the aid of former guests of the program to answer a listener's question about whether entheogens really do produce spiritual experiences or "higher" states of consciousness.

Folks who knowingly contributed to this episode:

Dennis McKenna
Matt Pallamary
Neil Kramer

Unwitting contributors:

Dmitry Orlov - The Five Stages of Collapse
Stanley Krippner - The Future of Religion
Ben Goertzel - Unification of Science and Spirit: Chapter 8 The Psychedelic Experience

Musical links to come.