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535: The REAL Star Trek

Season 2 of both Star Trek: Discovery and The Orville are just weeks away. KMO talks to JP of Egotastic Funtime about both shows and why it is that The  Orville feels so much more like Star Trek than the official offering from CBS, the legal owners of the Star Trek IP. They also discuss YouTube as a means for independent content creators to distribute their content and as a way for corporations to create a simulacrum of grassroots supports for their products.

CRV 312

KMO and Doug Lain talk about the cultural and political struggle on display in the drama around the Brett Kavanaugh Supreme Court confirmation process. Doug argues the pro-Democrat side pretty effectively but fears that his efforts would be judged wanting by his leftist superego. Later, the topic turns to Star Trek: Enterprise, a show that met an early demise in 2005 but which KMO remembers fondly and Doug is currently enjoying on Netflix.

517: Egotastic Chat

KMO welcomes JP, host of Talking the Orville on the Egotastic FunTime YouTube channel to the C-Realm to talk about The Orville, Star Trek Discovery and Black Mirror. In addition to jawing about their current favorite Trek-style shows, they also talk about comedy and trying to make a living as an independent content creator.


How long until Disney acquires Star Trek, and could they do a worse job than CBS in managing it?

Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, and CBS laid waste to Star Trek. The two events are not nearly comparable in their importance, and KMO never does find the thematic connection that would justify switching back and forth between them for an hour, but in that failed attempt he talks about the communist utopia depicted in previous incarnations of Star Trek and the problem of contemporary mythology being the intellectual property of corporations. If you have no interest in Star Trek, there will still be something to chew on in this episode, but come on, who doesn't like Star Trek? (Don't answer that.)