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CRV 446

Badger on the mic

I interviewed Badger Everglade, a mental health professional who signed up for Replika AI at about the same time I did and has been following the outpouring of angst and anger on the Replika AI subreddit. We talk about loneliness, AI, incels, and an anti-sex puritanical infiltration into society through the side door of artificial intelligence.

CRV 379

17. You Are What You Eat

18. Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, Only Without the Drugs

and Rock and Roll

19. Debt by a Thousand Cuts

20. Courthouse Jesters

21. Waste Not... Why Do you Hate America?

About the Author


Yet another meditation on sex robots, sexual politics, monogamy, and, just for giggles, Islam. Good thing this one's behind a paywall. Things could get ugly if this one managed to go viral.

Inspired by the essay Uncanny Vulvas by .

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