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CRV 379

17. You Are What You Eat

18. Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll, Only Without the Drugs

and Rock and Roll

19. Debt by a Thousand Cuts

20. Courthouse Jesters

21. Waste Not... Why Do you Hate America?

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Yet another meditation on sex robots, sexual politics, monogamy, and, just for giggles, Islam. Good thing this one's behind a paywall. Things could get ugly if this one managed to go viral.

Inspired by the essay Uncanny Vulvas by .

CRV 257

KMO has been yammering on about sex robots. In this third and final podcast in the Summer 2017 Sex Robots trilogy, Doug Lain and Z-Realm co-host, Marty, chime in for a discussion of the 1987 SF masterpiece, Cherry 2000. Doug doesn't think that AI and robots will ever make significant inroads in disrupting the male/female sexual dynamic. KMO and Marty see other possibilities. Hey! This is supposed to be a show about sex robots. What's up with the volley ball from Castaway in the cover art?


A new Real Doll waits for its face to be finished before being shipped off to a customer.

KMO returns to the topic of sex robots and then looks at falling rates of serum testosterone in men, the fact that Millennials are having less sex than Generation X and the Baby Boomers did at the same age, and the misperception that Millennials are the cyber-enhanced "hook-up generation." They have the technology but not the gumption, or so it seems. In the second half of the episode, KMO responds to the guest on Zero Squared Podcast #119.

C-Realm Vault 007

KMO & Arik Roper

KMO continues the conversation with Neal Goldsmith from the place where it left off in C-Realm Podcast episode 238: Recognizing a Failed Experiment. Neal talks about psychedelic love and sexuality and examines the notion of monogamy. In societies where monogamy is enforced with harsh penalties meted out to those who transgress the norm, why do people risk severe punishment in order to have sex outside of their monogamous pair-bonds? Neal describes the methods he uses to help couples really hear each other and interrupt patterns of recrimination and reflex self-justification that prevent meaningful communication. Later in the episode, KMO talks with psychedelic artist Arik Roper about NBC's new, post-blackout drama, Revolution. Music by Stacco Troncoso.

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