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CRV 360

KMO talks with long-time friend of the C-Realm about labor, academia, woke politics, Islam, sufism, and the illusory nature of the self, and maybe a passing mention of the pandemic.

Post Script from Marc:

During the Vault talk I was irritated with myself that couldn’t remember the title of an important report on union organizing. So, more for myself than anyone else, I went into my work notes and found the document.
The 2003 report by Kate Bronfenbrenner and Robert Hickey, of Cornell U.: “Blueprint for Change: A National Assessment of Wining Union Organizing Strategies”.

  1. Adequate and appropriate staff and financial resources
  2. Strategic targeting and research
  3. Active and representative rank-and-file organizing committees
  4. Active participation of member volunteer organizers
  5. Person-to-person contact inside and outside the workplace
  6. Benchmarks and assessments to monitor union support and set thresholds for moving ahead with the campaign
  7. Issues which resonate in the workplace and in the community
  8. Creative, escalating internal pressure tactics involving members in the workplace
  9. Creative, escalating external pressure tactics involving members outside the workplace, locally, nationally, and/or internationally
  10. Building for the first contract during the organizing campaign.


Yet another meditation on sex robots, sexual politics, monogamy, and, just for giggles, Islam. Good thing this one's behind a paywall. Things could get ugly if this one managed to go viral.

Inspired by the essay Uncanny Vulvas by .

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