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CRV 316

KMO talks with long-time friend of the C-Realm, Kevin D. Kevin lives in Pittsburgh very near the Tree of Life Synagogue, so you can probably guess where the conversation STARTS. From there it widens to include many regular C-Realm topics like AI and it's effects on the capitalist arrangement of society. Two books that KMO has read/listened to recently, Red Moon by Kim Stanley Robinson and 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari figure prominently in the latter half of the conversation.

CRV 314

KMO is packing up to fly to LA for Politicon 2018. It's likely to be the scene of street battles between Antifa and Proud Boys; a glorious spectacle of ideologically-induced insanity. And stuff about AI, UBI, and figuring out whether the purpose of civilization is to create the conditions for the virtuous to make a fortune or to help all humans live decent lives.

CRV 311

KMO responds to listener feedback about the contemporary parenting scene before returning to the topic of AI, procedurally-generated pornography, and sex robots.


Yet another meditation on sex robots, sexual politics, monogamy, and, just for giggles, Islam. Good thing this one's behind a paywall. Things could get ugly if this one managed to go viral.

Inspired by the essay Uncanny Vulvas by .

CRV297 Part 2

The continuation of KMO's conversation with Doug Lain about the potential of AI overflowed the banks of C-Realm Podcast episode 526 and into the Vault. Memory issues kept KMO from including all the podcast extras in a single file, so this episode of the Vault comes in two parts. This is part 2.