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CRV 410

KMO and Ad Attacker Jim consider the implications of Universal Basic Income as well as the prospect of play-to-earn games growing profitable enough to beat out minimum wage jobs. If young men can get paid to play video games, will they ever leave the house or make an attempt at what we old fogies call "life?"

CRV 380

Solo show in which I read shit without permission and ramble on about UBI, Doomerism, the suburbs, and the worldview of Ted Kaczynski. If restoring human dignity and freedom requires sacrificing the Internet, how attached ARE you to dignity and freedom?

551: The Specter of Ecofascism

KMO and John Michael Greer met up in Lancaster, PA this week to talk about ecofascism. JMG made a bit of a stir a few weeks back when he published an essay on his blog called The Next Twilight of Environmentalism. His thesis is that we're in the early stages of seeing media power-brokers discredit environmentalism by associating it with Nazis, white nationalists and mass shooters. Later in the podcast, KMO asks JMG about the candidacy of Andrew Yang and his signature policy, the Freedom Dividend.

546: Identity and Displacement

David Blacker returns to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about the themes in his new book, What's Left of the World: Education, Identity and the Post-Work Political Imagination. KMO has been reading Andrew Yang's book, and David has also read it and followed Yang's candidacy, so the discussion circles the topic of Universal Basic Income for a good portion of the conversation.

CRV 333

What happens when the rate of return on investment outpaces economic growth?

KMO and frequent contributor, Rob, discuss Douglas Rushkoff's most recent book, Team Human. Not surprisingly, the conversation touches often on the topic of artificial intelligence and its likely effects on human prospects for a viable and dignified future.

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