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CRV 459

This is the conclusion of the conversation with Chris Cutrone that began on KMO Show episode 015. We talk about AI, automation, UBI, and the possibilities for moving to something better for the majority of people than neoliberal capitalism.

CRV 458

KMO shares some inspiring and deranged stuff from the r/stupidpol subreddit. Later, Michael Roper, a non-linear blogger and long-time friend of the C-Realm stops by to report on his experiences with Bing and Bard, the AI mouthpieces from Microsoft and Google. The conversation hops from topic to topic after that. The episode cover art was created by Michael with no input from any AI.


Here's a conversation I had with Kevin Wohlmut several weeks ago. It was supposed to be about AI, but discussion of Elon Musk sent us on a political tangent from which we never returned.

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