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CRV 315

This one is about the likelihood that the people who have had their corpses frozen will ever be brought back to life. Some say "Yay" others "Nay." Some say that you've got nothing to lose, that the worst that can happen is that it doesn't work and you just stay dead like everyone else. But maybe not. There are some fates much worse than death.

531: Nietzsche Among the Aliens

KMO will be introducing Frederich Nietzsche as a character in the webcomic, and so he talked with Daniel Coffeen to get a better idea of what this dyspeptic critic of herd mentality was all about. Gagging on the foul air of off-gassing normies? This conversation may be just the struck wooden match needed to clear out the stench. Thanks to Doug Lain of Zero Books for hookup.

530: Politicon 2018


KMO traveled to Los Angeles for Politicon 2018 where he promoted and recorded interviews for the Center for Progressive Urban Politics. This episode of the C-Realm Podcast features three of these interviews. First up, Dr. Brian Weeden provides some context on the proposed creation of the Space Force, a new branch of the US military devoted to space assets. Earth orbit is an increasingly busy place with a mix government, military, and commercial ventures. Some form of governance and control will be necessary. Next up isĀ Sheril Kirshenbaum, the executive director of Science Debate, an organization devoted to persuading elected officials and the media to thinking and speaking more clearly about scientific topics. Finally, KMO meets GoatVsFish in the space where performance art meets politics. Is he goat? Is he fish? Does he sit upon the fence? And if so, is there a corresponding mudra? There is!

CRV 314

KMO is packing up to fly to LA for Politicon 2018. It's likely to be the scene of street battles between Antifa and Proud Boys; a glorious spectacle of ideologically-induced insanity. And stuff about AI, UBI, and figuring out whether the purpose of civilization is to create the conditions for the virtuous to make a fortune or to help all humans live decent lives.

CRV 313

In the ongoing effort to resist the resistance, KMO talks with Doug, a long-time friend of the C-Realm and someone who works in tech and is gay. Doug spends most of his time in Bellows Falls, VT but travels back to NYC multiple times a year. Moving between these two worlds gives him an interesting perspective. Doug was a passionate supporter of Bernie Sanders in the 2016 presidential election, and his lack of enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton has cost him a few friendships. KMO talks a bit about how is using the marketing of their show, The Man in the High Castle, to present themselves as the defenders of America against literal Nazis. And what is the new animated Star Wars TV show called? Resistance. Groan.