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CRV 321

I'm on day 6 of a 7-day fast. Here are a few reflections on the experience. BTW, my "before" image in the cover art was taken on day 5 of the fast. It's a "nearly after" photo.

CRV 320

Art by Dermot O'Connor

Dermot O'Connor, the Angry Animator, returns to the C-Realm for a wide-ranging discussion. Neil de Grass Tyson, in the revived COSMOS TV series tells a story about Giordano Bruno in which he was burned at the stake for believing that the universe was bigger than the geocentric model endorsed by the Church. A quick glance at Bruno's Wikipedia page dispels this beloved myth, but facts be damned. Some stories are just too good to give up merely for being false.

535: The REAL Star Trek

Season 2 of both Star Trek: Discovery and The Orville are just weeks away. KMO talks to JP of Egotastic Funtime about both shows and why it is that The  Orville feels so much more like Star Trek than the official offering from CBS, the legal owners of the Star Trek IP. They also discuss YouTube as a means for independent content creators to distribute their content and as a way for corporations to create a simulacrum of grassroots supports for their products.


In this solo episode, KMO reads some feedback from thoughtful listeners, including a long piece from the author of The Hipcrime Vocab blog about Modern Monetary Theory and inflation. Thereafter it's all AI all the time. What is Alexa doing to us? What will be the long term ramifications of AlphaGo beating a Chinese Go champion and providing the Chinese Communist Party with its AI Sputnik moment? How will AI assistants play our emotions?