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Where's her subculture cohort boyfriend?

What does the male equivalent of this "alt-girl" look like? According to the author of this blog post, there isn't one because all the young men are cocooned at home and online rather than out in the world creating new sub-cultures. They've left it up to the girls to create new forms of social expression IRL.

Later, Mushroom Mike talks about the devastating effects that Felipe Calderone's Drug War had on his home town of Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.

I've been grooving on the audiobook of The Coming of Neo-Feudalism by Joel Kotkin. It, along with JMG's essay The Great Leap Backward inform this episode-length solo rant.  The cover art comes from this photo essay in The Atlantic.

Thai police looking a reason to extort a tourist.

Do your research before you go to a foreign country. Don't assume that things work there the way you're used to them working at home. Be VERY cautious when dealing with police in other countries.

The conversation with Marc C concludes in this episode.

Cover art photo taken from this article.

Are you an educated urban or suburban dweller who dreams of moving to "the country" and building a self-sufficient homestead farm? I've got bad news for you. The people already living where you want to go don't share your aesthetic sensibilities, your values or your ambitions, and it's quite likely that THEY WILL RESENT AND DISTRUST YOU when you get there and try to remake the place according to your romantic vision.

Also, if you're a citizen of the empire, would you ever renounce your citizenship? Some people do, and here's why:

TLDR: They don't like paying taxes in two countries when they only live in one.

Join KMO and Marc C for a wide-ranging discussion.

A few weeks ago, I took a walk with a few friends of the C-Realm in Baltimore, Maryland. This episode starts with a conversation with Static Warp Shell, the Baltimore resident who proposed and conducted out walking tour of industrial decline and re-invention.

In the second half of the show, I talk about ideas taken from 2 audiobooks:

The Storm Before the Calm: America's Discord, the Coming Crisis of the 2020s, and the Triumph Beyond by: George Friedman


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