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C-Realm Vault 462

KMO sits down with a self-described "right of center" chemical engineer working in the green energy sector. They discuss the feasibility of replacing fossil fuel energy with biofuels. There's a bit about AI at the end, but this episode is largely a jump back in time to when the C-Realm Podcast was mostly about whether industrial civilization will be able to continue beyond the exhaustion of petroleum resources.

557: Planet of the Extraenvironmentalists

KMO welcomes Dr. Justin Ritchie, co-creator of the Extraenvironmentalist Podcast, back to the C-Realm to discuss the controversy around the documentary, Planet of the Humans. The film calls out mainstream environmentalist organizations like the Sierra Club and environmentalist celebrities like Bill McKibben for endorsing feel-good measures which aim at preserving the industrial lifestyle but which are inadequate for sustaining the bioshpere. Critics of the film respond that the criticisms it levels are all based on information that is long out of date.

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