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CRV 645

This episode is inspired by my listening to a curated list of episode of the QAnon Anonymous Podcast, a left-oriented and sometimes mean-spirited exploration of the Q phenomenon.

C-Realm supporter and occasional podcast guest write of the QAnon Anonymous Podcast: QAnon Anonymous started in 2018.  As with all podcasts I enjoy (including yours), I start listening from the beginning, then follow it chronologically.  I am now up to about Feb. 2020, so just past the Jan. 6 event, which was huge for Q.  What could be the basis of a conversation is the whole idea of conspiracy theories, and in particular how and why people get "red-pilled".  There were clips from QAnon rallies and from Jan. 6 that are amazing in how seriously these people believe the crazy.  A lot comes from the usual propaganda channels, but there seems to be something more going on.

He compiled the following list of essential episodes: - Must-listen* overall survey. (*Unless you are completely new to the Q phenomenon, I would recommend skipping this one. It is the most mean-spirited episode on this list.) - Human trafficking, which is an important part of Q. - A collection of Q stories. - The capture of Scott Adams by Trump/Q.  I used to follow Scott Adam's blog, and noted his fascination of Trump's rhetorical and persuasive skills.  I dropped it when he went into the deep end. - The mole children raised in the tunnel network below Central Park in NYC are important to Q. - What it says. The episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast draws most heavily from this episode. - "Save the Children" is a cover for Q.  Some crazy stuff going on in LA. - Detailed description of the Jan. 6 event. - The connection of 4chan (the early Q outlet) to Japanese otakus.

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