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You're FAT!

Is there anything more important than having a toned butt and sculpted abs? In an observable universe that is 93 billion light-years across, there's nothing more important or worthy of your concern than conforming to culturally-conditioned standards of physical beauty, right? Couldn't be. Don't believe me? Read the original short story (later expanded into a novel) Blood Music, by Greg Bear. It will help you put things into the proper scale and perspective.

526: Bash Bash Conversation

Will the advent of artificial superintelligence (ASI) spell the end of capitalism? Doug Lain explores that question in his new novel, Bash Bash Revolution in which an AI named Bucky creates proliferating copies of itself to work questions of personal identity and free will. Eventually, the Buckys ensnare almost all of humanity in the GameCube Economy which makes people think they are having exciting adventures when in fact they're doing boring, repetitive labor. One of the challenges that Bucky faces is getting non-gamers to put on VR headsets. Nuclear Armageddon is on the line, but fortunately, the AI understands the appeal of 90s nostalgia.

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