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318: The Loyal Opposition

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KMO welcomes C. Derek Varn to the C-Realm Podcast to discuss topics related to Neopaganism, magick, the Enlightenment, technology, and Object-Oriented Ontology. Derick has published print interviews with both KMO and Keith418, the guest on C-Realm Podcast episode 317: Bind Nothing! Derek asks why anyone who enjoys the comforts and benefits of 21st Century life in the First World would feel the need to re-invent and practice ancient religions, and this leads into a discussion of familiar C-Realm themes involving technology, energy, resources limits, and the potential lure of the Peak Oil narrative as a palliative for cubicle-induced alienation. KMO ends the episode with a reading from an essay by Bodhi Paul Chefurka on the need to reduce the human population by voluntary means before Malthusian forces make the cuts for us.

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