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318: The Loyal Opposition

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KMO welcomes C. Derek Varn to the C-Realm Podcast to discuss topics related to Neopaganism, magick, the Enlightenment, technology, and Object-Oriented Ontology. Derick has published print interviews with both KMO and Keith418, the guest on C-Realm Podcast episode 317: Bind Nothing! Derek asks why anyone who enjoys the comforts and benefits of 21st Century life in the First World would feel the need to re-invent and practice ancient religions, and this leads into a discussion of familiar C-Realm themes involving technology, energy, resources limits, and the potential lure of the Peak Oil narrative as a palliative for cubicle-induced alienation. KMO ends the episode with a reading from an essay by Bodhi Paul Chefurka on the need to reduce the human population by voluntary means before Malthusian forces make the cuts for us.

310: Gooey Ritual & Prickly Magick

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KMO and Olga welcome Pam Grossman of Phantasmaphile and the Observatory Gallery at Proteus Gowanus and Peter Bebergal, author of Too Much to Dream: A Psychedelic American Boyhood to  the C-Realm Podcast to discuss the intersection of magickal ritual,  religious tradition, psychedelic exploration, and the thirst for gnosis.  KMO summarizes arguments from Advanced Magick for Beginners  by Alan Chapman, and Olga, acting as proxy for the regular C-Realm  listeners likely to be bewildered by this conversation, asks for  clarification at key moments.  This conversation continues in Psychonautica 084.Music by Not Waving But Drowning.

Cover art painting by Arik Roper.

Both Pam Grossman and Peter Bebergal have recently appeared as guests on the Expanding Mind radio show/podcast with Erik Davis.

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