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Where's her subculture cohort boyfriend?

What does the male equivalent of this "alt-girl" look like? According to the author of this blog post, there isn't one because all the young men are cocooned at home and online rather than out in the world creating new sub-cultures. They've left it up to the girls to create new forms of social expression IRL.

Later, Mushroom Mike talks about the devastating effects that Felipe Calderone's Drug War had on his home town of Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.

If Vermont legalizes marijuana, poor Ceasar will be out of a job. Boo fucking hoo.

The village of Bellows Falls held its annual meeting on Monday night. Taxes keep going up, more people are moving out than moving in, and chief of police brags that the little village of Bellows Falls sends more narcotics to the state testing facility than any other municipality. He's committed to winning the War on Drugs with police work alone, and he always needs MORE MONEY. Some of the people who attended the meeting are tired of pouring their tax dollars into the bottomless Drug War pit. The police chief even encouraged the citizens to call Vermont's governor to encourage him to veto the recently passed marijuana legalization bill. Why, because if marijuana becomes legal in the state then his department's K-9 unit will be out of a job. The eighty thousand Vermonters who smoke weed must remain criminals so that our drug sniffing job doesn't lose his high-profile function.

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KMO welcomes Melanie Gold, educator and activist, to the podcast to discuss Occupy Wall Street as well as a broad range of social justice issues. KMO starts the podcast by explaining why he prefers Riane Eisler’s Dominator/Partnership terminology over talk of “Patriarchy” with it’s accompanying implication that fatherhood is an inherently violent and repressive institution. Melanie relates this idea to her chosen language in her OWS work in which she emphasizes the concept of achieving power WITH people rather than power OVER people. Melanie invokes the concept of restorative justice as a way of looking for and addressing the unmet need that motivated a desperate act rather than seeking retribution against a wrong-doer. KMO voices his frustration with his oldest son’s experience in public school, and Melanie describes why being a teacher bound by a rigid curriculum is to be oppressed. The conversation touches on the Drug War, NYC’s “stop and frisk” policy which targets young black men, and how the experience of being arrested redoubled her conviction to continue protesting. KMO concludes the podcast with clips of Chris Hedges and Webster Tarpley voice Yin and Yang views on the effectiveness of Occupy Wall Street.

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KMO talks with Jonathan Moll about the spread of ideas, religion, the potential benefits and pitfalls of psychedelic plants and chemicals and the harms that the Drug War does to civil society and to the ability of people raised on prohibitionist propaganda to think clearly and behave like adults. The show begins and ends with reference to the irresponsible and opportunistic comments made to the news media by Armando Aguilar,  president of the Miami Fraternal Order of Police, in which he conflates MDPV (sometimes sold legally as “Bath Salts”) with LSD and asserts that the assailant in the recent cannibalistic assault there acted under the influence of “a new form of LSD.” Music by Andrew Woods.



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