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CRV 341

Doug Lain of Zero Books returns to the C-Realm Vault to talk about the assault by Antifa members on Andy Ngo, a journalist who has a history of filming Antifa members and trying to interview them. After the assault, a swath of leftist Twitter voices condemned Ngo and defended Antifa. Later, KMO and Doug discuss the coherence of calls to "Break Up Big Tech."

534: Roots of Division

Keith Preston of Attack The System

KMO welcomes Keith Preston of Attack the System back to C-Realm Radio to talk about the current political and social division in the United States. Keith first offers a technological explanation for the intensity of the social animosity on display in public discourse. He then delves into the history of left and right political movements in the US to describe in more detail how we came to our particular historical moment.


Since the events in Charlottesville, VA on August 12, 2017 KMO's Facebook feed has been filled with self-righteous pronouncements of support for the actions of the Antifa protesters. What's more, multiple people have asserted, George W. Bush style, that anyone who doesn't support Antifa's methods is a fascist. KMO reads a long post from Keith Preston trying to make sense of the clash on the streets of Charlottesville along with a few of his own observations. Later he describes his recent travels and his experience of the 2017 solar eclipse.