C-Realm Radio 038

Got Narcan?

Fentanyl is a synthetic opiate that is 50 times more potent than heroin, so manufacturers and distributors of heroin have a strong economic motive to adulterate their product with fentanyl. This greatly increases the risk of fatal overdose. Fortunately, there is Narcan, which has brought many a heroin user back from the brink of death. KMO talks with Kaileigh Fitch of Habit OPCO, a methadone clinic in Brattleboro, Vermont, about the struggles of local people to reclaim their lives from opiate addiction.

390: Ephemeralization and Freedom

KMO welcomes Kevin A. Carson, “free market anti-capitalist” and the author of The Homebrew Industrial Revolution: A Low-Overhead Manifesto to the C-Realm to talk about economics, technology, natural and artificial property rights, and the general outlines of the successor society that is arising to meet human needs as the over-built infrastructure of global corporate capitalism rots from neglect. They also touch upon R. Buckminster Fuller’s concept of the ephemeralization of technology. Kevin argues that an industrial society that can no longer afford to maintain its energy and capital-intensive infrastructure and is transitioning to a distributed, more supple mode of production looks a lot like a civilization that is receding from it’s peak of prosperity and technical prowess in a process that John Michael Greer describes as catabolic collapse. The interlude features excerpts from a 1976 interview with R. Buckminster Fuller, Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs.

For Kevin Carson’s recent posts on ephemeralization and freedom see –



C-Realm Radio 037

Frank Morris

KMO attended an event in Lancaster, PA put on by the Center for Progressive Urban Politics. That gathering included C-Realm Regulars, John Michael Greer, Dmitry Orlov, and James Howard Kunstler as well as Chris Martenson. Rounding out the panel was educator or diplomat, Frank Morris. The next morning, KMO sat down for a one on one conversation with Frank Morris. Thanks to Kevin Lynn for arranging the conversation.

513: Struggle and Toil

Terry Tapp

KMO welcomes Terry Tapp "back" to the C-Realm Podcast. Terry was a guest on C-Realm Radio a few weeks back, but that episode was lost and is not available in podcast form. Terry is a writer and artist based in NYC, but his roots are in Appalachia, as are KMO's. In this conversation, they talk about the struggles of working people, machine learning, and political dysfunction. You can hear an earlier conversation that Terry recorded with Doug Lain for the Zero Squared podcast.

C-Realm Radio 036

KMO talks with Laura Subin, director of the Vermont Coalition to Regulate Marijuana, about H. 170, which would allow for the home cultivation of two mature plants and for possession (outside of one's home) of an ounce of marijuana. KMO gets a bit ranty toward the end. 😉

C-Realm Radio 035

C Derick Varn

C Derick Varn

KMO and Silas welcome C Derick Varn to C-Realm Radio to discuss criticisms of the Left from the Left. Derick has lived in South Korea, Mexico and now Egypt, and he shares his experience of culture shock when he returns to his native Georgia after a long absence.

C-Realm Radio 034

Jonathan Thompson

Jonathan Thompson

KMO and Silas welcome Jonathan Thompson of the Psychedelic Parenting Podcast to the C-Realm to discuss Jonathan's vision for establishing a cultural context that will support people who want to be honest with their families about their use of psychedelic sacraments. Silas describes how his school approaches drug education, and it has nothing to do with D.A.R.E..