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410: The Voice of the Moon


KMO welcomes Ilargi of The Automatic Earth to the C-Realm to talk about the sorry state of watchdog journalism, the unhelpful rhetoric of American politicians and pundits around Vladimir Putin’s actions with regard to Ukraine, the media’s failure to examine the US role in bringing [...]

409: The Ultimate Metric of Doom


KMO welcomes Orren Whiddon of Four Quarters Interfaith Church to the C-Realm to discuss the upcoming Age of Limits conference. Orren describes how one of his high school teachers gave him a copy of the original Limits to Growth study and how that put him [...]

408: Driven by Fear


Driftglass AKA sea glass

KMO welcomes Driftglass, who is the co-host, along with his wife, Blue Gal, of The Professional Left Podcast, to the C-Realm to discuss science fiction and politics. Driftglass provides examples of SF literature from the middle of the 20th Century [...]

407: Distinguishing Collapse from Catastrophe


KMO welcomes Chad Hill, the author of the Hipcrime Vocab blog, to the C-Realm Podcast to carry on the conversation about the future. SF media has transitioned away from Utopian visions of people and societies liberated from drudgery and conflict by advanced technology and good [...]

406: Suspect Models and the Photosynthetic Ceiling


KMO welcomes Frank Aragona of the Agroinnovations podcast back to the C-Realm to discuss a Guardian article by Nafeez Ahmed that is based on a NASA-funded report that details how growing inequality might bring about the fall of our globalized industrial civilization. They also discuss [...]

405: Enclosing Abundance


KMO talks with Kevin Carson, author of The Homebrew Industrial Revolution about the technologies that seem poised to end the dominance of capital-intensive production methodologies and brake the stranglehold that capitalists and the government minions hold over our lives. Author Jeremy Rifkin describes the current [...]

404: We All Deserve Anarchism


G. Paul Blundell

This week’s episode of the C-Realm Podcast begins with a discussion of David Graeber’s 2012 essay, Of Flying Cars and the Declining Rate of Profit. KMO shares a portion of the conversation with Eric Boyd from C-Realm Vault Podcast episode 082 [...]

403: No Utopian Alternative


KMO welcomes filmmaker Joshua Bregman to the C-Realm to discuss why contemporary science fiction, on the screen at least if not on the page, is stuck in a dystopian quagmire. What happened to the utopian vision of Star Trek? Perhaps Francis Fukuyama and Margaret Thatcher [...]

402: Narratives of Explanatory Value


Guest host Larry Lowe

In this episode of the podcast guest host Larry Lowe shares a conversation he recorded with KMO about the essence of the C-Realm Podcast and his efforts to reduce its broad range of subject matter into a concise ‘elevator pitch,’ [...]

401: Psycho-social Debt Jubilee


David Holmgren

KMO welcomes permaculture co-originator David Holmgren to the C-Realm Podcast to discuss two of his essays: Money Vs Fossil Energy: the Battle for Control of the World and Crash on Demand: Welcome to the Brown Tech Future. David has been tracking the [...]

400: Preferred Pronouns and Relationship Anarchy


Stephanie Johnstone

KMO welcomes Stephanie Johnstone to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about sexuality, monogamy, gender, music and more. Stephanie is co-host of the Sex For Smart People podcast, a program built in close collaboration with its audience. In the discussion, Stephanie quotes extensively [...]

399: Dead Labor and Vacuous Accountability


In this second conversation with David J. Blacker, the author of The Falling Rate of Learning and the Neoliberal Endgame, KMO and guest review Marx’s idea of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall, the productivity gains from technology that were supposed to [...]

398: Guided by Beauty



Charles Eisenstein

Charles Eisenstein returns to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about the evolution of his thinking in his new book, The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is possible. He and KMO discuss how any seemingly objective metric that we use in [...]

397: We’re the House


In this episode of the C-Realm Podcast, KMO and guest, David J. Blacker, explore the themes of David’s new book, The Falling Rate of Learning and the Neoliberal Endgame. What’s worse than being exploited by capitalists? Suddenly NOT being exploited by capitalists when that’s the [...]

396: Hard Places Breed Hard People


Cover art by Arik Roper

Seven C-Realm listeners join KMO on a conference call for a discussion of the themes of Dune, the 1965 novel by Frank Herbert. They carry on the discussion from the previous episode about gender inequality among the various inhabitants [...]