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423: “Away”


Sustainable Dave

KMO welcomes David Chameides to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about his efforts to effectively communicate the implications of peak oil and climate change to teenagers. Dave has delivered this message to the students at the North Carolina Governor’s School, a summer [...]

422: I Me My


Ramana Maharshi

KMO speaks with Gary Weber, author of Happiness Beyond Thought: A Practical Guide to Awakening, about the means of breaking from of the self-referential internal monologue that keeps us obsessing over where we’ve been, where we hope to go, and the certainty [...]

421: The Functional Equivalent of a Conspiracy


Don’t even think of sitting here.

KMO and Kevin Carson, the author of The Desktop Regulatory State: The Countervailing Power of Networks and Super-Empowered Individuals, met up at the public library in Springdale, Arkansas to record a conversation about radical monopolies, car culture, retrofitting the built environment [...]

420: Toward a Just Transition


In this second episode of interviews recorded at CommonBound 2014, KMO talks with Ed Whitfield of the Fund For Democratic Communities about effective communication and the appropriate and inappropriate uses of private property. Next up is Hannah Jones of the Responsible Endowments Coalition talking about her [...]

419: Notions of a New Economy


KMO attended the New Economy Coalition‘s CommonBound 2014 gathering and recorded interviews for the event’s livestream. This episode of the C-Realm Podcast features three of those interviews starting with NEC president, Bob Massie. Next up is Chuck Collins of the Institute for Policy Studies, and [...]



The conversation with Vincent Horn of Buddhist Geeks continues here in the Vault with a discussion about how the  viewpoints that trouble us the most are often the ones with which we used to associate ourselves. After that, KMO shares a recording on the [...]

418: Adaptive Contemplation


KMO talks with Vincent Horn of Buddhist Geeks about how Buddhist practices are adapting themselves to thrive and be useful in technological society. He sees Buddhism as co-existing in the same space as the DIY and Maker movements where bio-feedback, sophisticated sensors and psychedelics stand [...]

417: Timelines for Collapse


Jay Smith and Mark Robinowitz

KMO attended the 2014 Age of Limits conference, and he invited C-Realm listeners who were in attendance to join him in a recorded conversation that took place at the same time as the main conversation in the round described [...]

C-Realm Book Club: Oryx and Crake part 2


In the conclusion to KMO’s conversation with four C-Realm listeners about Margaret Atwood’s dark, speculative vision, Oryx and Crake, they ask, “Where is the government?” How plausible is it that all government functions will have been subsumed by corporations by the middle of this century? [...]

415: C-Realm Book Club: Oryx and Crake part 1


KMO is joined by four C-Realm listeners to discuss Margaret Atwood’s dark work of speculative fiction, Oryx and Crake. KMO and guests consider whether the liberal arts have been degraded and devalued by corporate culture. In the near future of Atwood’s vision, science and technology [...]

C-Realm Special: Donato Giancola


Donato and KMO @ BWAC gallery


On Saturday, May 17th, 2014 KMO interviewed award-winning painter, Donato Giancola, on stage at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition gallery in Red Hook, Brooklyn. Donato is well known for his science fiction and fantasy book covers, and [...]

414: Recognizing Our Dark Mirror


KMO speaks with Kelly Coyne and Erik Knuteson, the authors of The Urban Homestead and Making It. Kelly and Erik attended the 2013 Age of Limits conference and have each recently published their recollections and responses to that experience on their blog, Root Simple. They [...]

413: Learning Charm


KMO welcomes Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm to the C-Realm Podcast to talk about social engineering, 419 (Spanish Prisoner) email scams, and the fact that charisma, confidence and persuasive abilities can improve with coaching, study and practice. Belief systems that seem to prevent [...]

412: Beating the Bounds


KMO welcomes independent research and writer, David Bollier, to the C-Realm to discus the themes in his new book, Think Like a Commoner: A Short Introduction to the Life of the Commons. First, they dispense with Garret Hardin’s so-called “Tragedy of the Commons,” which purports [...]

411: The Strange, Fuzzy, Fat Brick of Everything


KMO and Olga caught a ride home from the Psymposium 2014 conference with Joshua Wickerham of the Ethnobotanical Stewardship Council, and the three of them stopped in Connecticut to have lunch with Joshua’s good friend, contemplative scientist Katherine MacLean. The conversation covers a lot of ground, [...]