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479: Tiny Gets Huge


“Deek” basking in the light of the Tuftex.

KMO and Olga talk with Derek “Deek” Diedricksen of Derek builds tiny houses, cabins, forts and other unconventional structures, often using donated or scrounged materials. Olga will be attending his Tiny House Summer Camp 3 [...]

478: Lies, Damned Lies and Data


The mint features prominently in the conversation.

KMO and Olga welcome Karl Fitzgerald, creator of the Renegade Economists Podcast, to the kitchen table at C-Realm HQ. Karl was in New York recording many hours of video with Michael Hudson, and on his last night [...]

477: SBNR


Psychedelic Parenting

In recent decades an increasing number of people have begun to identify themselves as “spiritual but not religious.” In this episode of the C-Realm Podcast, KMO talks with Jonathan Thompson about the unintended consequences of this practice of loading the word ‘religion’ [...]

476: The Third Space



Douglas Lain has a new novel, After the Saucers Landed, which depicts an alternate history in which fake-looking flying saucers land on the White House lawn in the 1990s. The aliens that emerge are Nordic space brothers like the ones described by Billy [...]

475: Living at Home


In May, KMO and Olga visited Katherine MacLean at Happy Acres Farm in Sherman, Connecticut. At the time, Katherine was pregnant and planning to have the baby at home under the care of midwives in spite of much pressure to give herself over to the care [...]



KMO and guest Kevin Dole consider why horror writer Thomas Ligotti considers consciousness to be the parent of all horrors. Consciousness is supposed to be the most marvelous phenomenon in existence right? Not according to Ligotti. In his first non-fiction book, The Conspiracy Against the [...]

473: Anarchist without Adjectives


KMO spoke with Kevin Carson while visiting Arkansas. Kevin is an avowed anti-capitalist, but some C-Realm listeners can’t square that notion with Kevin’s professed libertarian leanings and his failure to avow uncomplicated condemnation of private property and “the market.” Whatever that is. The conversation touches [...]

472: Mean and Stupid


KMO is visiting his family in northwest Arkansas, and in this episode he asks some of his Arkansan friends about the Confederate battle flag. Berryville-based writer and broadcaster, Dan Krotz, explains how people who display the Confederate flag are broadcasting the message that they are [...]

471: Writ in Water


Inscription on the headstone of John Keats

This episode features two conversations recorded at the kitchen table with people whom Erik Davis introduced to KMO and Olga. First up is stage magician Ferdinando Buscema who describes a memento mori ritual he has constructed for [...]

470: A Poker Player’s Point of View


KMO welcomes Pentamental co-host John Maguire to the C-Realm to talk explicitly about consciousness. The conversation ranges from quantum physics and its relationship with fuzzy New Age belief systems to poker and epistemological humility. A final homage to the late Joe Bageant leads into a [...]

469: Left Communication


Glen Ford of Black Agenda Report

KMO attended the 2015 Left Forum, and while he found the presenters to be, on the whole, quite knowledgeable, he was, once again, struck by their flat presentations and lack of communicative polish. What’s up with that? In [...]

468: Energy Geopolitics in a Contested World


KMO attended the 2015 Left Forum gathering and recorded a panel discussion about the geopolitics of energy by Michael Klare, Micheal Schwartz and Daniel Volman. Ever since the world became dependent on petroleum for industrial and military expansion, the major powers have struggled for access to [...]

467: World of Wounds


KMO and Olga talk to educator and novelist, Zack Lehtinen, about his novel, World of Wounds. The novel is akin to Ishmael by Daniel Quinn in that it is an attempt to convey ideas through narrative which many readers might otherwise reject or ignore. KMO [...]

466: Plodding (into the) Future


Fifteen years after Asimo’s debut, we’re still waiting for a better humanoid robot.

Remember when you first saw videos of the humanoid robot, Asimo, walking on two legs, climbing stairs, hopping on one foot? Wasn’t it amazing? Asimo made “his” debut in the year [...]

465: Undead Labor


KMO welcomes Tom O’Brien, host of the From Alpha to Omega Podcast, to the C-Realm to talk about The Walking Dead, the unlikely visions of the techno-utopians, and how surprised he is to find that after three years of doing a podcast about economics he [...]