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CRV 415

Clueless Cat Oblivious to Impending Upheaval

Poor Mocha has no idea what's coming in just a few days. One last relocation, and she will live out her final years in Arkansas, the state of her birth. Like most cats, she HATES car trips.

In this episode of the podcast, I finish up my recent conversation about COVID vaccines with Bob Brown. The conversation returns several times to the differences between orthodox and heterodox liberals. Bob counts himself in the latter category.

Here's the item I reference in the outro on the topic of whether the mRNA vaccines inhibit the transmission of COVID: 

569: Anecdotes Trump Data

I see discarded masks on the ground all the time now.

KMO talks with Dr. Steven Vannoy about the psychological effects of extended mask wearing, particularly on children, and the neurological rewards that mask shaming produces. It feels really good to think we're in the right. Later, KMO reads and responds to an email from Bob Brown about dangers of taking a vaccine that has been rushed to market without the usual battery of clinical trials.

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