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CRV 368

More people believe the Earth is flat now than a decade ago. Is this cause for alarm? The Reverend Danny Nemu says, "Nah." KMO holds science in high regard. Danny says science has a lot to account for. KMO admits that the scientific establishment has been willing, time and again, to put it's stamp of approval on the ugly prejudices of the upper classes. Even so, epistemologically speaking, science is an indispensable tool.

530: Politicon 2018


KMO traveled to Los Angeles for Politicon 2018 where he promoted and recorded interviews for the Center for Progressive Urban Politics. This episode of the C-Realm Podcast features three of these interviews. First up, Dr. Brian Weeden provides some context on the proposed creation of the Space Force, a new branch of the US military devoted to space assets. Earth orbit is an increasingly busy place with a mix government, military, and commercial ventures. Some form of governance and control will be necessary. Next up isĀ Sheril Kirshenbaum, the executive director of Science Debate, an organization devoted to persuading elected officials and the media to thinking and speaking more clearly about scientific topics. Finally, KMO meets GoatVsFish in the space where performance art meets politics. Is he goat? Is he fish? Does he sit upon the fence? And if so, is there a corresponding mudra? There is!

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