C-Realm Radio 048

KMO talks with author and social permaculture catalyst, Adam Brock. The first half of the discussion is largely theoretical, but in the second half, Adam describes how KMO might harness permacultural principles to increases the number of viewers for his YouTube videos. Permaculture: it's not just about food production. Check out Adam's new book, Change Here Now: Permaculture Solutions for Personal and Community Transformation.

C-Realm Radio 044

Timothy Kercheville

Timothy Kercheville describes himself as a landless farmer, and he is demonstrating how a world of opportunities exists for people who are long on passion but short on land and capital. Timothy's is using his passion for regenerative agriculture to transform his local community in Kentucky. He has turned the sprawling lawn of the local jail into a working farm and transformed prisoners into gardeners in the process, and at every turn, he is using farming as a high-leverage point for preparing his community for the transition to a post-petroleum world.

In the second hour, we re-visit C-Realm Podcast episode 485: Hands Off My Settings! Dr. James Hughes and Charlotte Walsh share their insights on the topic of cognitive liberty.