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531: Nietzsche Among the Aliens

KMO will be introducing Frederich Nietzsche as a character in the webcomic, and so he talked with Daniel Coffeen to get a better idea of what this dyspeptic critic of herd mentality was all about. Gagging on the foul air of off-gassing normies? This conversation may be just the struck wooden match needed to clear out the stench. Thanks to Doug Lain of Zero Books for hookup.


The conversation about how Nietzsche would respond to and interact with the characters in the webcomic concludes in this episode, and then KMO answer questions submitted by members of the C-Realm Podcast community on


KMO will be adding  Friedrich Nietzsche to the cast of characters in the webcomic in the coming weeks. Here's a discussion with someone who is not a public figure and will remain unnamed about how Mr. N. would likely respond to the other characters in the underground Antarctic base.

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