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CRV 400

The Whales are gobbling up Bitcoin

The interview with Thaddeus Russell that began in C-Realm Podcast episode 573 concludes here. Later KMO goes on a rant tying together the Bannon vs Frum debate, populism, liberalism, globalism and cryptocurrencies.

CRV 282

Non-wonks, when talking about politics, tend to use "liberal" and "leftist" interchangeably. If you go to the dictionary (or Wikipedia) definition of the word, most people living in contemporary democracies, including Republicans and libertarians, should count as liberals because they believe in free markets, free speech, a free press and democratic processes. But Rush Limbaugh and an army of imitators have spent their careers changing the definition of the word "liberal," and our political conversations are now hopelessly confused as a result. Leo He Zhao is determined to unmix the terms and distinguish "liberals," who want social progress under capitalism, from "leftists" who oppose capitalism.

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