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What happens to a society with a surplus of young men who are convinced that they have no hope of ever finding a wife and starting a family? It ain't pretty. KMO talks with First, the author of Black Pill Documentary – Online Dating 2020 and Beyond: An Exercise in Futility.

Eggman has a Black Pill for you.

In this solo romp, KMO responds to an argument by Phil Torres in Salon which purports to demonstrate how the transgressions of Milo Yiannopolis, an avowed Roman Catholic, demonstrates that Sam Harris and the other so-called New Atheists have slid into the Alt Right. After that, we delve into the worldview of the involuntary celibates in the form of a video by Eggman, and KMO wraps up the show with an exploration of the potential downside to empathy.

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