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537: H1B Mission Creep

The H1B Visa program was originally intended to make sure that American tech companies had access to enough computer programmers to fix the Y2K bug before the stroke of midnight. Mission accomplished. But then the H1B program found a new mission. Kevin Lynn of U.S. Tech Workers explains how the program expanded and the effect that it continues to have on the culture of Silicone Valley and on the fate of Americans who have the aptitude and the skills to do the work that US firms would rather give to foreign workers.

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KMO drove to Lancaster, PA for a party and then on to see his kids in Maryland this past weekend. This episode is half tales of techno-induced frustration and peril from the road and half conversation about the growth of Skid Row in Los Angeles in recent years. Technology marches on, but LA has given up conducting maintenance on its sewer system, which is running at 150% capacity. Kevin Lynn, of the Center for Progressive Urban Politics, explains how this is all related to US immigration policy.


Kevin Lynn

According to the liberal Facebook zeitgeist, the only reason anyone could possibly have for wanting to curtail immigration to the united states is racism. Obviously, this view quashes a lot of inconvenient nuances. Kevin Lynn, founder of the Center for Progressive Urban Politics, wants to make room for nuance in thinking the effects of legal immigration and the policies that should flow from an understanding of those effects. Could anyone who wants to put limits on how many people the US lets in the front door really be considered a progressive? What does "progressive" even mean? KMO and Kevin Lynn address all of these topics in this episode of the C-Realm Vault Podcast.