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568: Monster Worldviews – All Out Attack

It had been too long since we heard from Keith Preston of Attack the System. In this episode of the C-Realm Podcast, we get Keith's take on the pandemic, the 2020 election cycle, and the weird belief systems that people gravitate too in times of high social anxiety. We save his extensive historical take on the events of 6 January, 2021 for the C-Realm Vault Podcast.


Leo He Zhao

KMO talks with DJ and designer, Leo He Zhao, about the political and philosophical ideas that motivated him to create the closed Facebook group, Anarcho-Socialism. They discuss the history and pre-history of human social organization, the inherently harmful nature of private property and the profit motive as well as the nature of technology. Leo rejects technological determinism and the idea that without the military industrial complex and capitalism that we would not enjoy the information and communications technology which makes podcast conversations like this one possible. At the end of the conversation, Leo talks about the "talking drums" of Africa, and the music that KMO included in the background comes from this YouTube video of master talking drummer, Ayan Bisi Adeleke.

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