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C-Realm Radio 046

If you don't subscribe to the C-Realm Vault Podcast, it probably seems like KMO hasn't been putting out any new material for the past couple of months. Well, the C-Realm Big Room is now open with a new episode of C-Realm Radio. This episode has very little to do with the new film adaptation of Stephen King's It and everything to do with climate change, artificial intelligence, co-adapted meme complexes, Facebook, Donald Trump, political and social dysfunction, or, in a word, "consciousness." The guest is Douglas Lain, the publisher of Zero Books. He's also an author, a YouTube creator, and a podcaster.

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  1. Robert Thompson on September 16, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    KMO – can you share the details of the vocal training exercises you advocate at the beginning of the episode? Name of method, web link to a description, and/or an episode reference if there is a pre-existing discussion you have provided would be helpful for me. Not a pod caster yet but I would like to begin improving my presentation skills to potentially enter the conversation at some time down the line.

    • KMO on September 17, 2017 at 3:31 pm

      Hi Robert,

      Just go to YouTube and do a search for “vocal breath control exercises.” There will be lots there to get you started. No need to follow in my exact footsteps. I started with books back in the 80s and then moved on to college and communiversity courses. There’s no advantage in trying to reproduce my exact path. There are lots of readily available paths that lead to the same place.

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