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538: Playing Roles

KMO welcomes author and game designer, Michael O. Varhola, to the C-Realm to discuss the story-telling alchemy that comes from getting a group of people together around a table with dice, character sheets and possibly some miniatures to engage in collaborative adventure-spinning. Michael is the founder of a gaming company called Skirmisher, and you can find all of their offerings on

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  1. L33tminion on February 2, 2019 at 9:29 pm

    Really enjoyed this episode!

    Last few years I have a group of a few friends that meets weekly to play a variety of indie RPGs. When my daughter was born, it suddenly became much more convenient for me to host than to go elsewhere, so these meetings have been at my house, and it’s my most frequent occasion to have friends over. (Don’t know how that will change when they start to have kids, but my friend circle is getting to that even later than me, and I wasn’t exactly quick.)

    Speaking of indie RPGs and the C Realm, was wondering if you’d heard of Jenna Moran. She’s published some indie RPGs and material for some bigger games, like Exalted. Has a big focus on that “collaborative storytelling” element and a very surreal style. But the thing of hers that’s had the biggest impact on how I think about tabletop games was this little experimental game called “Wisher, Theurge, Fatalist”. Unfortunately, the page that hosted that seems to have succumbed to the winds of time, so maybe I’ll email you a PDF.

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